Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hide Your Children Hide Your Wife

What a time to shut this blog down for two weeks.  I just get a slew of new readers and, let's say, international exposure, and I'm out the door?  This is nonsense.  Vacations are the worst.  Here's a better real life example.  So I get a call today about an honest-to-Satan paying job.  I say, "Hey, that sounds great!  But I'm going out of town for two weeks, can we schedule it for when we get back?"  They say, "Nope!  We're filling this job now!  Sorry, chump!"  So there are worse things that can happen than having to go on a little hiatus at the height of my fame.  But on the plus side, I'm coming back refreshed and, thanks to not being able to go to that interview, job free!  Late August will be this blog's renaissance.  But the business at hand:  Tuesday I had a La Playa Lager (here's the review, tastes like you'd think!)  That's it!  Wednesday we had a fancy dinner party here and I had three Victory Whirlwind Wits.

I just want to say that I am marginally concerned about keeping pace out in Michigan.  I don't think my numbers will dip below the line, but I think when I get back my lead will be around 5 to 10.  Those are just predictions though.  We'll find out!  Nee you sex time!  Back in two weeks!  Before the numbers, I'll leave you with some pics of where I'm going:

Ok I'm not really going to that last place.  I just love that song.

Total Beers: 615
Where I Should Be: 591.780


  1. Wow....there are two of us. My brother just sent me this link. As of right now I am at 653 different beers (august 19th 8p.m.). All are photographed in albums on my face book page. also handwritten in a notebook and on a spreadsheet so I can alphabetize for my trips to the liquor store. On facebook I'm Dave beer guy macdonald. My favorite so far......Pliny the Elder of course. Friend request me if you want to check out the list or pics. I wonder which of us will hit 1000 first. Good luck and happy beering!

  2. Had an Ommegang Hennepin this past weekend (I remember you saying you had that at the 17 beer beer fest you went to). Very good beer.