Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When Exorcisms Kill

I don't mean to go all dead air on you guys here.  The thing is, I've had some ass-kicking and name-taking that I needed to be doing in my non-beer drinking related life that has consumed a fair amount of my time, both for writing and for beer drinking.  As you'll see by these paltry numbers: Sunday I had one Harpoon UFO Raspberry.  Monday I had one La Playa Lager (Trader Joe's newest 50 cent beer, I'll review tomorrow because I'm drinking one now) and one Harpoon UFO.  Here's the schedule as of now though.  Thursday a real posts drops.  Same with Friday.  Then I go dead air for two weeks while in Michigan.  Then this blog sees the most prolific posts it has ever seen.  Here's a sample: on the subway home the other night (Saturday I think), I was drunkenly explaining to her how I had a seven page post comparing a line discussing Sam Adams in an article about Carlsberg banning their drivers from drinking beer to Descartes' introduction to the Meditations, not the Meditations themselves mind you, just the introduction.  I wish I had a lap top on that train because I'm sure that would have been epic.  I mean it will be epic, once I remember what exactly I was going to say about that.  Wait.  I remember.  Oh boy do I remember.

Total Beers: 611
Where I Should Be: 586.301

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