Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beer City, Beer Beer City

Today is August 1st, and we all know what that means:  Everyone and their mom is moving today.  Literally a dozen moving trucks are parked on our street with people moving into their new apartments.  I claim that August 1st is the busiest moving day in NYC because most leases start on the first of the month (narrowing it down to 12 days of the year) and that August would be a good time for both students moving to the city to start college and for families who wanted to move before their kids' school year started.  I said "claim" because I have no actual data collected to prove this, but I think my word should be good enough for you.  That said, Ryan has been helping a friend move all day and is now tired, sore, and (hopefully) working on job applications.  So I, Liz, am going to post today.  Whoopie!

Today I was on the couch (not helping friends move) and was watching My Fair Wedding with Dave Tutera.  As I was once a bride-to-be, I used to watch a lot of WE television and spend my whole Sunday watching Bridezillas, Platinum Weddings, and My Fair Wedding.  I now watch it occasionally when there is nothing else on.

For those of you who may not know, Dave Tutera is a Jason Bateman look-a-like who plans really expensive weddings.  The show is about how he meets a bride three weeks before her wedding, tells her how tacky everything is, redoes her whole wedding, and then is weird at the wedding by making a speech at the reception and standing between the two newlyweds constantly at their wedding.  Overall, the work he does is beautiful and he really does a great job.  Usually, the bride loves what he did to her wedding but she just couldn't have afforded it without him stepping in and doing all of the work (and paying).

Today I saw an episode that took place in Texas.  Dave Tutera is a New York City man, and usually only does weddings in the NYC area.  Apparently, they wanted to take him out of his comfort zone, and that's exactly what they did.  This girl had planned a wedding themed around corn, straw, cowboy boots, and bottles of beer. 

Tutera throws a fit about a lot of things.  He always hates the venue.  And the dresses.  And her centerpieces.  And her hair.  And everything else.  In this episode. her shoes were an expected fight -- he wanted her in strappy little heels and she wanted cowboy boots.  She got her way.  (They were covered by the dress anyway.  But as a bride who wore sneakers to her own wedding, I think that shoes are something a bride should not have to compromise on)  But he also got upset about the beer.

You see, he's a fancy-pants New Yorker who only does things 100% classy.  He said that no bride of his would be walking around with a bottle or can of beer at her wedding -- and sent her to a wine tasting class!  Well I never.

As you can see from the wedding video (from the venue's website) he allowed her to make s'mores but not drink a beer!?!  Beer drinkers are often seen as the low-brow Homer Simpson types - but to deny a bride her beverage of choice because it's not classy enough is insane.  I know that I am now preaching to the choir, but I just found it a tad bit outrageous that the bride could get drunk and make s'mores at her wedding -- as long as she was drinking super classy wine.

I felt that there was more to say about this outrage, but it turns out I don't actually have to type it - you all know what I'm thinking and so I will just leave you with this set up and let you assume you know the rest.  Meaning, I think it's ridiculous and all that good stuff.

As for the numbers, on Friday we went to a Mets/Diamondbacks Game and so some of the beers are...subpar.  On Saturday we had dinner and drinks at a friend's apartment and so we stuck with the theme of Mexican to go with our yummy taco dinner.

Friday at the Game:  1 Goose Island IPA ($7.50 for 12 oz), 1 Bud Light ($7 for 16 oz.), 1 Brooklyn Summer Ale ($7.50 for 16 oz.)
Friday after the Game:  4 Rolling Rocks (they were $15 for a bucket of 6)
Saturday: 1 Harpoon UFO Raspberry on the couch and then 2 Tecates with tacos

Total Beers:  608 beers
Where he should be:  580.821

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