Friday, July 30, 2010


Quick update before I am off to the Mets/Diamondbacks game.  Last night I had one beer, a 25 oz bottle of Josh Childress.  That sounds kind of gross when I say it like that.  I drank the beer I had purchased intending to use as my Josh Childress beer.  I think I may have to get another beer though, as this one was way disappointing.  The hell with it.  I'll get another.  The beer I drank last night was a Lagunitas Hop Stoopid.  It was disappointing in two respects.  First, it says its 102 IBUs.  Tasted like about 60.  Second, it tastes like its about 10-11% ABV.  It actually clocks in at 8%.  You know me, I like the alcohol taste, but I generally like that taste to be backed up by actually alcohol.  So a rare miss for Lagunitas.   I mean it was perfectly serviceable, but not what I expected.  What wasn't a miss?  The price of the bottle.  It ran $7 here in NYC for a big bottle.  Lagunitas consistently keeps their prices low and you've got to love them for that.  But perhaps the most disappointing thing about last night: I'm now out of beer in the apartment.  I mean I have three Africa beers that I'm drinking sometime next week, but outside of that?  Nothing.

Also, as a bit of a preview, I'm heading out to Michigan for two weeks in August, meaning its going to get a little slow around these parts.  But what I'd like for you all to do is recommend some Michigan breweries I should hit.  Bonus points for breweries in the Upper Peninsula, because I'll be there for a good chunk of time.  I probably won't be able to actually go to any of the ones you recommend, what with this trip being tied to family obligations and stuff, but it would be nice to know what I'm missing.

Total Beers: 598
Where I Should Be: 575.342

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