Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hakim Warrick is the Greatest Ball Player on Earth

The summer heat is apparently sucking out all of my writing ability/motivation.  We've been trying to keep the AC off in our apartment, for the whole money saving thing, making it pretty sweltering in our place at times.  I don't even know what I'm going on about here.  Let's just cut this excuse making opening paragraph and go straight to the drinking.

Ok, so this is a sort of interesting coincidence.  Wednesday night Liz and I went out to dinner due to the magic of groupon.  Well, just so happens that the restaurant we go to is right by Bierkraft, so we bring our growlers and fill them up.  We drink the first of them on Wednesday night, 21st Amendment's Bitter American, an English style bitter, but when they say bitter, they aren't joking.  This beer had mad hops.  Some might say this beer's hops were Hakim Warrick-esque (I'm still talking myself into this thing, bare with me).  Anyway, that pours 2 for me.  What's funny, though, is that my parents are at the 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco LITERALLY AS I AM TYPING THIS!  I have no idea what beers they are drinking (maybe I'll have my mom type up a report when they get back home) but I know what ever it is, it is delicious.  As I've mentioned, 21st Amendment might be one of the best brewpubs I've ever been to.  After we kick the growler, I have a Harlem Sugar Hill Golden Ale, which prompts Liz to play the Sugar Hill Gang all evening while drinking it.  It was a weirdly molasses-y beer.  Almost sickly sweet.  I appreciate that Harlem is trying to get in on the beer making, but it needs to up its game something fierce.

Thursday, in another weird San Francisco beer drinking/my parents being there moment, Liz and I went to the Gate for a Speakeasy Brewery event.  Speakeasy is another great San Fran brewery (also, their website is which I think is pretty cool) and they had I think 9 of their beers on tap at the gate.  I had a Ritual Coffee Porter, an imperial porter made with some local San Fran Coffee, and their Betrayal Ale, an India Red Ale, which is exactly what you'd think it would be, a super hoppy red ale, except this clocked in at around 10%.  So while I'm drinking this San Fran beer, my dad calls me from San Francisco.  Ok, that's not as fortuitous as my parents being at a brewery I'm writing about while I'm writing about it, but still I thought it was interesting (I'm easily amused).  At home I had a Lagunitas 13, their imperial red ale, meaning I had 2 imperial-ish red ales in one day.  What are the odds???!!!!

Friday was one of those days where I drank a lot but it didn't seem like it because it was super spread out.   I had the day off of work, so I had a Simpler Times Lager with lunch.  Then I napped, walked around and did stuff, and then I had a Simpler Times Lager with dinner.  Then we went to visit a sick friend who provided us with Bud Light Lime, which I hesitate to call a beer.  Then later I went to a different friend's party where I had two Harpoon Summer Ales and a Sam Adams Summer ale.  So I had six beers on the day but it felt like a 2 or 3 beer day.

Saturday I had a Blue Point Summer Copper Ale with dinner, and then a Blue Point Blueberry Ale hanging out with the apartment!

I'll see you all here tomorrow!  Promise!  Maybe!

Total Beers: 536
Where I Should Be: 504.109

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  1. FACT: Harlem Brewing is run by a woman. The number of women brewers is miniscule compared to male brewers -- while the number is growing, it's nowhere similar to the growth seen in wineries run by women.