Friday, July 16, 2010

Don't worry about it, Ryan, I did all of the work

So I read Ryan's blog and saw that he was planning to match a beer to each Suns player.  Well, I know next to nothing about basketball - and absolutely nothing about most of the people he claims are on the Suns - but I did the matching for him.  I even have reasons!

Since Ryan's at work, I'll post my picks - I'm sure he'll totally appreciate it!
 - Liz

1. Steve Nash --- My Pick: Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale
- Canadian Brewed Beer
- - - - Steve Nash is Canadian!
- IPA style beer (so a beer that was designed for travel, if you will)
- - - - Steve Nash is a true traveler who is a "citizen of the world"
- Alexander Keith's is the oldest brewery in North America (1820) but not the oldest brewery in the world
- - - - Steve Nash is also really old - but not the oldest player on the Suns

2. Grant Hill --- My Pick:  Yuengling Lager
- American Brewed Beer
- - - - Grant Hill is American
- It's the Oldest Brewery in America
- - - - He's the oldest player on the Suns
- Not offensive taste-wise to most.  It's just a "safe" beer choice.
- - - - His mom wanted him to go to Georgetown and his dad wanted him to go to UNC.  He chose to attend Duke because it was "safe" and it wouldn't offend either of his parents.
- Union-busting!
- - - - Record-busting!

3. Robin Lopez --- My Pick:  Skyscraper Brewing Company's Sancha beer
- American Brewed
- - - - Robin Lopez is American born.
- Mexican-style beer
- - - - Mexican-style man
- Most people haven't heard of it unless they are a fan of the brewery
- - - - Most people haven't heard of him (unlike those first two dudes) unless they are a basketball or Suns fan.

4. Goran Dragic --- My Pick:  Union Beer
- Slovak beer
- - - - Slovak man
- There are only really two beers in Slovenia and this one (Union) is the one consumed in the capital city while the other beer is generally found outside of the city.
- - - - Phoenix is a city!

5. Jason Richardson --- My Pick:  Atwater Michigan Lager
- It's from Michigan!
- - - - He's from Michigan!
- It's award winning (so says their website) but not for anything exceptional or noteworthy
- - - - He's a dunk-contest winner.  Meaning he won awards that weren't even part of the actual basketball game.

6. Channing Frye --- My Pick:  Four Peaks' Barrel-Aged Blind Date Ale
- It's from Arizona
- - - - He's from Arizona too (which I think should be how teams are put together like in High School, but this is a rant for another time...)
- It has Arizona-grown hops
- - - - He's Arizona-grown...I know nothing else about this guy.

7. Jared Dudley --- My Pick:  Brooklyn Brewery's Lager
- It's a U.S. Beer
- - - - He's from the U.S. 
- Brooklyn Brewery is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is serviced by the G train, L train, and the JMZ lines.
- - - - On Twitter, Jared Dudley goes by the name "JMZ"
- It's a good, solid beer.
- - - - I will assume he's a good, solid player.

8. Hedo Turkoglu --- My Pick:  Efes Pilsen
- It's a Turkish beer (and really all that they have on a large scale)
- - - - He's a Turkish man!
- When you Google the name of the beer, the first link is for Basketball (Euroleague).
- - - - When you Google the name of the man, the first link is also for Basketball (American, NBA)

9. Hakim Warrick --- My Pick:  Yard's Pale Ale
- It's from Philadelphia, PA.
- - - - He's from Philadelphia
- The Brewery's name is Yards
- - - - He can jump YARDS higher than other people to dunk in their faces!
- Other beers "pale"in comparison to this beer
- - - - Other players "pale" in comparison ... bla bla bla ... I'm really running out of steam here.

10. Josh Childress --- My Pick:  Zoes Blue Mak
- It's a beer from Greece
- - - - He may not be Greek, but he played basketball in Greece for a while making a ton of money.
- It's blue!  Meaning it has a gimmick to get people to buy it before tasting it because they like the color blue.
- - - - He was on the cover of a PS2 game to get people to buy the game before playing it because they like Josh Childress

11. Earl Clark --- My Pick:  Flying Fish Brewing Company's HopFish IPA
- It's really one of the only real breweries in New Jersey
- - - - He's from New Jersey (should I have picked a skunked beer??  jokes!)
- Here's my one and only use of it:  It's hoppy!
- - - - He's a basketball player so he hops.  There.  I said it.

12. Taylor Griffen --- My Pick:  Marshall Brewing Company Atlas India Pale Ale
- It's from the state of Oklahoma (when I typed that I sang the song in my head to be sure I spelling it right)
- - - - He's from the state of Oklahoma too
- It's a pale ale
- - - - He's a pale white guy!

13. Gani Lawal --- My Pick:  Sweet Water Brewery's Georgia Brown
- It's from Georgia, a state with few micro-breweries
- - - - He's also from Georgia
- It's a brown ale
- - - - It this getting racist now?  I'm getting tired of this...

14. Dwayne Colins --- My Pick:  My Home Brewed Beer
- It doesn't exist.  I talk about home brewing, but I just haven't done it yet.
- - - - This dude doesn't have a wikipedia page.  Does. Not. Exist.

Well, this was very exhausting and since I know very little about any of these guys (especially as the list went on...) it was a lot of Wikipedia.  Maybe Ryan should still give this a go...

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