Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Belated Bastille Day!

This post is all business.  I'm saving my creative juices for the Robin Lopez post which I am working on now and will be dropping tomorrow.  Although I just want to say one thing I've realized: if I could post from work this blog would be one million times better 

Saturday: for being mind-numbingly hot, I only drank two beers.  Liz and I went out to the new Brooklyn Bridge park at Pier 6.  It was awesome.  Except I wasn't allowed on any of it.  Stupid not having kids.  It's literally all kids playground stuff, stuff I would have gone nuts for when I was younger and would go nuts for now if it wouldn't be creepy for a 26 year old man to be playing in a children's playground.  Sexual predators ruin everything.  I used to think about that when I would eat lunch in Union Square.  I'd always try to grab a bench by the dog park there because it was in the shade and I like dogs so hanging out there watching the dogs play was an ok gig.  Not creepy or anything anyone would get up in arms about (if you say that is creepy, then punch yourself in the face if you've ever walked into a mall pet shop just to look at those caged puppies because you sir, or ma'am, are a hypocrite of the first order).  But imagine if instead of a dog park that was just a regular ol' kids park.  Then me eating lunch watching kids play would be super creepy, which is weird because I have the exact same intention of abducting/harming kids as I do dogs, which is none whatsoever.  But one activity is ok and one is not.  So again, thanks a lot, sexual predators.  After Pier 6 we went to Pier 1 (the park not the store) which has a ton of grass (the lawn stuff, not the stuff you smoke).  Liz read a book while I took a nap in the park like a hobo.  Anyway, to avoid making this a "life-casting" blog, I'll just say that only other beer I had on Saturday was the Robin Lopez beer, of which you will hear a lot about tomorrow.

Sunday: Different story.  Had lots of beers.  6 to be exact!  Had a Sixpoint Signal at Bar Great Harry.  Signal is a fruity smoked beer that Sixpoint brewed only for distribution at bars that carry the Good Beer Seal, which I think is a silly thing so I won't even link to it!  Regardless of my thoughts about the Good Beer Seal, the Signal was super delicious and tasted like two separate beers at once.  Its initially super fruity but the aftertaste is a hops/smoke explosion.  It really seems like the aftertaste belongs to a different beer than the Signal you just drank.  Also at BGH, I had a 21st Amendment Bitter American (which tasted about the same on tap as it had from the growler) and an Avery Collaboration not Litigation, a Belgian strong ale, which actually has a pretty interesting story.  Avery and Russian River Brewing, two stalwarts of west coast brewing, both had beers out called Salvation.  Instead either of the breweries ceasing to brew their Salvation or cease using the name, the brewers got together and decided to make a beer where they would literally mix both of their fully brewed Salvations.  The result is Collaboration Not Litigation.

At home Liz and I split a growler of Victory's Brauhmeister Pilsner, of which I had three full pints.  I have a horrible secret to share with you all.  I'm not so great at differentiating pilsners.  I mean I can tell the difference between an actual pilsner and "true Pilsner Miller Lite," but the difference between Victory's Prima Pils and its Brauhmeister?  Not so much.  Pilsners aren't my favorite style, but I like Victory and this was certainly serviceable.

So there you go.  A post with no basketball, a lot of beer, and some other junk.  See you tomorrow!

Total Beers: 569
Where I Should Be: 545.205

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