Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hedo's Missing Gallstones

Ok, lest you fret, I did pick up some beer for my Suns related posts.  So far I've got a Robiz Lopez, a Jared Dudley, and a Josh Childress.  I had ideas for Grant Hill and Steve Nash, but Bierkraft didn't have what I was looking for.  I'll probably drink the Fro-Lo tonight.  BUT I did end my near-beerless week last night.  I had a Harpoon Belgian Ale at Bierkraft with dinner.  I think I've had that four or five times but always forget 1) that I've had it and 2) that it's not very good.  I mean its a perfectly serviceable beer, just nothing to write home about.  At home Liz and I split a growler of Coney Island Luna Lager which, to steal a line from a group of old ladies after they just watched A Serious Man, I just did not care for.  It seemed overly carbonated and tasted a lot like the much maligned Red Oval.  I had three beers poured from that.  So, four beers, zero that I actually really liked.  For shame.  Today I'm off to Coney Island, maybe, so we'll see what kind of antics I get into today, but a tomorrow or Monday, Robin Lopez should be up!

Total Beers: 561
Where I Should Be: 539.726

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