Friday, July 9, 2010

Its'a me!

Well, it's Liz again.  Ryan is fine -- but I've kidnapped him.  It's our one year anniversary and so I told him to pack a swimsuit and comfortable shoes and to be ready after work on Friday.

Now that we're HERE, I can let the cat out of the bag - we are in Hershey PA for a weekend of roller coasters, water rides, and good food.  It should be a lot of fun - if we don't have heat strokes in the process.

Last night Ryan emailed me asking me to update since he knew he was being kidnapped.  I did, indeed, take him out of the state - but I brought his laptop with us.  That said, I'll still do the numbers...ish.

Wednesday: 1 Blue Point Toasted Lager, 1 Blue Point Hoptical Illusion
Thursday: Same two beers from Wednesday plus 1 Blue Point Summer Copper Ale

That was the email I received - so there you go.  

Total beers:  549
Where I should be:  I'll leave this math for "the man" as Ryan put it -- even though I did better on the math section of the GREs......ahem.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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