Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Drinking for Democracy

I've been trying to take it easy this week.  As you can see, it's been pretty successful... until last night.  It wasn't anything too crazy and it wasn't even my fault.  Because I'm a classy guy, I run in crazy elite circles.  As part of my being one of New York's best and brightest socialites, I have to go to a fundraiser or two.  Wait, no.  Just one.  I've been to one fundraiser.  Ever.  And it was last night.  And I didn't even donate funds.  So the deal is that a friend of mine was throwing a fundraiser for a New York state senate candidate.   But he was throwing it at a bar.  It's the first fundraiser he's thrown at this bar and he wanted to make sure could throw future events at that place.  But he was concerned about the bar tab.  If the bar gave him an entire floor and no one bought drinks, he probably wouldn't be welcomed back there.  Enter yours truly.  My friend told me I could go for free so long as I got drinks.  So I did.  Not an absurd amount (2 Sierra Nevada Summerfests, 2 Brooklyn Pilsners), but I'd say about three more drinks than most of the paying supporters.  So while I hadn't wanted to drink, I had to do my part for democracy.  In the future I will tell my grandkids how my drinking four beers directly led to the ousting of the most anti-gay rights member of the New York state senate.  After all, I am, if nothing else, a patriot.

Total Beers: 522
Where I Should Be: 493.150

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