Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting My Nixon On

This entry is short because I've been spending my beer writing energies elsewhere.  Hopefully you will all see soon!  But I just want to say that last night I had two Harpoon UFOs, their raspberry hefeweizen, which might hold the title of the most drinkable beer on the planet.  Additionally, today I got the last of my grades for my first semester of 1000-beering-while-going-to-school.  I was nervous at first.  If things went south, I would have maybe, MAYBE, have to re-think this whole endeavor.  But they didn't, so in your ear, naysayers!  Nothing bad will ever happen to me!  I live a comeuppance free lifestyle!  I'm going to live forever! (RIP Ass Dan).  That's all for now!  Also, I'm with in days, DAYS of announcing my 500th beer day.  It'll be awesome.  I have a mini-goal.  I might die (of excitement!).

Total Beers: 453
Where I Should Be: 438.356

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