Wednesday, June 9, 2010


As foretold in the Dead Beer Scrolls, I have thus far taken it easy and consumed zero beers in the past two nights (spoiler alert, that's a dry spell that is ending as we speak).  But in the grand tradition of this blog (saying you're going to do something and then not doing it?), I'ma puttin' up some links!

First, my first taste of fame.  Yours truly gets a shout out from the famed Bethlehem Brew Works.  Check it out here!  Scroll down a tic and you will see them mention the very post that precedes this one!  In fairness, they quote me talking about how great their veggie burgers are, but anything that draws people (except for current and potential employers) to this site is a boon!  (Also, I'm pretty jazzed that the blurb on their facebook case contains the opening paragraph of my last post which contains one of the most amazing jokes I've ever penned.)

Well outside of that, we'll have a politics theme.  We're talking state and federal politics!

Beer Tax Proposal Lifts Boston Beer Stock.  Good news for Sam Adams!  Bad news for people that hate craft beer (no one)!

Before I even post this link, I just want to say that this is indicative of marijuana's chances of being legalized soon.  I'm not even going to say if its indicative of those chances being good or bad (or if I care).  But given that Oklahoma Just Now Legalized Homebrewing, something George Effing Washington himself did, what do you think the odds are that it's getting ready to let every Sooner start blazing up?  Good?  Poor?  Super duper poor?  (Hint: I think it's the last thing).

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