Saturday, June 5, 2010

No Time For A Title!

Not being able to update from my work is sort of killing me.  I have a whopping total of four free hours a day, and those hours have been booked this week, hence the lack of updates.  Even this one has to be brief because I'm at the in-laws and on my way out to a wedding in ten minutes so no time to dawdle!  To the drinking!

Wednesday had a nice little date with the wife.  We went to Dos Toros for dinner where I had a Tecate.  We had tickets for Gods of Carnage that evening, so we decided to make a nice touristy evening of it by going to the ESPNZone bar in Times Square where I had a Sam Adams Summer Ale.  It was either there or one of the million fake Irish pubs, but if you recall (I'll link to that later, time crunch!) we've been burned by those before.

Thursday my friend Dave arrived at our apartment.  We went to Washington Commons where I had an Ommegang Rare Vos and a Jack d'or Pretty Things.  I want to talk about both those beers but no time!  Then we went home where I had a Sam Adams Coastal Wheat.

Friday I had one beer.  A Sam Adams 48*Latitude (can't figure out how to insert the proper symbol now). That's it!  I'll crunch the numbers later! (Sunday).  I just wanted to get the beers I had up before I forgot what they are.  And yes, I realize that if I didn't spend so much time complaining about how there isn't any time, I could have written more.  I am a man of many contradictions.

Insert video of the Jesse from Saved by the Bell freaking out about how there's Never Any Time!  Actually, just go watch it yourself!

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  1. FACT! The Sam Adams beer from last night is called the 48* Latitude because all of the hops come from the Northern Hemisphere and are all along the 48* Latitude line. That's cool! Ryan wouldn't let me go into the post and add this fact so I hope people are reading this comment to actually LEARN something during their blog-reading.