Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm Back With a Half-Assed Post!

I'm just setting all kinds of records here.  After putting up my 500th beer, I walk away from this blog for the longest period since its inception.  Crazy, I know.  But after doing something as monumental as drinking 500 beers, I had to go off the grid for a while.  I went out to the desert, down about nine bulbs of peyote, and channelled my inner beer spirit guide, and just now returned to the land of living.  Not really.  I just went to work and drank intermittently.  Also I wanted to let my 500th beer post stand on its own two feet for a while.  So the last time I updated about drinking was about the beer fest on Saturday.  Well the next time I had beer was on Tuesday night, Liz and I split a growler of Brooklyn Brewery's Buzzbomb, their honey belgian ale (I had 3).  The next beer drinking took place on Thursday night where I had four beers, one Brooklyn Summer Ale, 2 Sam Adams Summer Ale, and 1 Blue Point Lager at a combination of the Watering Hole and Reservoir (weird, I just now connected those two bars as having water connections) while watching the NBA draft.  Friday, I had an Oskar Blues Pils at the apartment (our last beer in our place), and then had three Brooklyn Summers and two Heineken Lights (Liz got confused when grabbing the beers from the cooler) at a party at her co-worker's.  Saturday I had a Founder's Dirty Bastard (which if I knew more about trademark, I would imagine they'd have a problem with that name) at the Black Rabbit in Greenpoint, and then 2 Brooklyn Pennants and 2 Simpler Times Pilsners at my friend's party.  So this week I had 18 beers.  When I post the final tally here, it's going to seem like I'm light years ahead, but my lead has already dwindled since the beer fest.  I'm telling you, the pace is slowing down.  For some reason I'm thinking July is going to be a slow beer month.  I may even post on days where I don't drink just to see my enormous lead dwindle.  We shall see!

Total Beers: 518
Where I Should Be: 484.931 (remember, this lead is nice and inflated by the brew-fest)


  1. just tried the brooklyn summer ale. Big fan. I also really like the pennant.

  2. Excellent! I'm glad that Brooklyn is making its way into the hands of more west-coasters!

  3. be fair, it has a fairly large distribution in Dallas, TX. But I'm happy about that. I've also had the Brooklyn Local 2. Haven't had a Brooklyn beer that i haven't enjoyed.

  4. That's pretty crazy. It has zero distribution in Arizona.