Wednesday, June 2, 2010

P Diddy's St. Barts Vacation Yacht

Holy hell people.  Updating while working full time is hard.  All in all, I have to say that not working the bulk of the year has made this whole "drinking 1000 beers" thing easier than it otherwise would have been.  Well, the drinking beers is still pretty easy.  It's the opening up the laptop and putting fingers to the keyboard that is difficult.  It would be sweet if I could update from work, but on account of the whole "that's not a good idea" thing I don't.  Anyway, that's my precursor as to why these updates may be infrequent/short while I get used to this whole 9 to 5 ordeal.

So Monday I had a whopping total of one beer, a Six Point Bark Red Ale at Bark with my dinner.  After that I called it quits, playing the responsibility card and not wanting to go into my first day of work hungover.  Tuesday I actually got in my required 3 beers, 2 Lagunitas Censoreds and a big bottle of the Shmaltz Jewbelation 13 that I split with Liz.  That 13 was pretty intense.  As Liz mentioned, it's 13%, and while you'd definitely know it was a super high ABV beer, it is super drinkable, as evidenced by my downing it pretty quickly.  I thought it would be really syrupy but it wasn't!  If you like extreme yet drinkable beer, I'd recommend it.

Well that's it.  I'm going to bed.  Sorry, I've used up all my wit and charm on small talk and banter with new coworkers.  Their gain is your loss.  But as soon as they tire with my nonsense, which if experience teaches anything will be soon, I'll need another outlet for it and you better believe that will again be this blog.

Total Beer: 433
Where I Should Be: 416.438


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