Friday, January 22, 2010

In the Beginning, there was a lot Drinking at my Apartment

As I mentioned, this whole project began in a sort of ramshackle fashion. I thought about going back through this list, cleaning it up, typing up stories where applicable, clarifying what specific beers I had and where, but that's a lot of work. So instead, I just decided to copy and past my word document of beers I've drank up until now. Just know that this list is, if anything, under-reporting how many beers I have actually had, as I only wrote down the ones I could say with certainty I drank. Without further ado, here's the list:

January 1: 4 (all Stoudts) after midnight during the New Years Party, 3 (2 Magic Hat 1 Sam Adams) at Kim’s and the Larsons: 7

January 2: 3 at lunch at Brew Works, 2 at the Lariers, 1 at the Larsons: 6

January 3: Between the 3rd and 4th: 4 Weyerbachers at my apartment: 4

January 5: 2 at Brooklyn Bowl (Brooklyn Black Chocolate and Lager), 1 at Mugs (Brooklyn Backbreaker), 1 at home (Merry Monk): 4

January 6: 1 at Abigail’s (Hennepin), 2 at home (Rude Elf, Old Heathen): 3

January 7: 4 at Larry’s (HeBrew and Blue Moon) during the BCS: 4

January 8: 1 (Weyerbacher) at home, 1 at Los Suez? (Bohemia), 2 back at home (Weyerbacher): 4

January 9: 1 (Weyerbacher) at home, 2 (Arcadia CocoLoco, Longtail? Double IPA) at Washington Commons: 3

January 10: 1 at home (Weyerbacher): 1

January 11: 3 at home (Weyerbachers): 3

January 12: 3 at home (Weyerbachers): 3

January 15: 1 at Soda (Ommegang), 2 at home (Speakeasy), 1 at doods (Bud), 1 at Union Pool (PBR), 2 at Larry Lawrence (Brooklyn): 7

January 16: 1 at Bierkraft (Victory), 2 at home (Speakeasy), 1 at Franklin Park (Ommegang), 3 at home (Blue Point, Speakeasy): 7

January 18: 2 at home (Rude Elf, Monks Blood): 2

January 19: 1 at home (Monks Blood): 1

January 21: 1 at home (Monks Blood): 1

Total: 60 beers. How many I should have drank by now: 57.534

Things to note. I was way ahead of schedule to start, but as things happen, my numbers have come back to earth. Even so, I am still a full days worth of drinking ahead of schedule and plan to put some distance between me and the 2.7 beer pace tonight at, you guessed it, an open bar. See you all tomorrow!

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