Monday, January 25, 2010

Wherein My First Beer Crisis Occurs

Yesterday's haul: 2 Sierra Nevadas, 1 21st Amendment Monk's Blood. All three drank while sitting on my couch. The are only two things to note here, both of a similar nature: 1) I am out of Monk's Blood and am unsure if I can acquire more. That's a shame because that beer has wormed its way into one of my all time favorites. 2) I am now out of beer in general at my apartment. This normally would be a rectifiable situation, but it is pouring out. I wanted to go to Trader Joe's today to pick up a couple of their 5 dollar six packs (Simpler Times Pilsner is actually pretty good), but due to the rain I may not make it. I know what you're saying, just go to a corner bodega and pick up a six pack there. The problem there is if I make that a habit, that's going to be way more expensive in the long run than buying a case at the beer distributor or buying cheap six packs at Trader Joes. I don't want to get into that rut early, and I'm still a few days ahead in my drinking. So tonight maybe a beer-free evening. Stay tuned.

Total beers: 73. Where I should be: 65.753

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