Thursday, January 28, 2010

That's Just How Budgeting Works

You might think that last night would have been a perfect opportunity to get my "political drinking" on, what with the State of the Union being on and the myriad of drinking games to go along with it. Well, you'd be wrong, as always. At least half wrong, anyways. I did do the ol' three beers on the couch thing (2 Red Oval Lagers, 1 Simpler Times Lager, both types of beer are now gone from my fridge and I will be doing my drinking outside of the apartment for the foreseeable future), but I did not watch the SOTU, as the insiders call it. Why? Who knows? I was half-assedly reading trademark and the super long applause breaks really bore me. And what with the time-shifting and the 24 news cycle and the internet and the death of print media and all the other things, I got the salient points this morning.

Now that everyone knows that I am a Bad American, I can get to what to what I wanted to briefly talk about. It's snowing!!!!!! WEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I woke up this morning to go to the gym (I'll talk about this an upcoming 'Debunking the Myth of the Beer Gut' post), looked outside and saw that it was snowing. Then I remembered that the gym is closed today. Then I remembered that I have a bottle of Bethlehem Brew Works Rude Elf Special Reserve (also known as the perfect winter beer) stashed away. Then I remembered it was 8:30 in the morning. While I am all for turning beer into a breakfast/brunch cocktail in the same vein as the mimosa or bloody marry, it should probably accompany an actual breakfast or brunch. So while Snow + Rude Elf seems like a no brainer, Snow + Rude Elf + 8:30 in the morning unfortunately gives me some pause. However, if it was Snow + Snow + Rude Elf + Whatever Time Day or Night, well that would definitely be a green light for drinking.

Total Beers: 83 Where I should be: 73.972

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