Thursday, September 23, 2010

100 Days Left of Beer Drinking

What the hell happened here.  I turn my back for like one second and I already have a huge backup in terms of drinking days.  I mean I posted seven thousand weeks ago, and then posted an African beer post, and that's it.  There has been a TON of beer drinking since then (well not a ton, but a significant amount).  I hate to do this, but it's time for another "Numbers only" post.  Regrettable, I know, but if I kid myself into thinking that I'm going to provide my usual array of insightful commentary then I will never post again.  So here we go!

Last Wednesday: The 3 Africa beers (3)
Last Thursday: 4 Sam Adams Octoberfests at the apartment (4)
Last Friday: 1 Sixpoint Brownstone at Hot Bird, 1 MGD High Life and 1 Red Stripe at Woodwork, 1 Ommegang Wit at the Branded Saloon (4)
Last Saturday: 2 Cigar City Jai Alai IPAs at the apartment (2)
Last Sunday: 1 Great Divide Samurai Rice Ale, 1 Great Divide Claymore Scotch Ale, 1 Great Divide St. Bridget's Port, 1 Long Trail Pale Ale, and 1 Long Trail Belgian Ale at the apartment while watching football for 12 hours (5)
Last Monday: 1 Six Point White Ale, 1 Ommegang Rare Vos, both at Franklin Park (2)
Last Tuesday: Nuthin!
Last Night: 1 Great Divide Titan IPA, 1 Cigar City Jai Alai IPA, both at the apartment (2)

That's a lot of beer drinking and I honestly do have quite a bit to say about a fair amount of it.  But, alas, I'm late for a meeting!*

But before I leave you, I'll put up some sweet Simpsons clips dealing with drinking, to, you know, keep the masses happy.

Total Beers: 755 (hey over 3/4 of the way done!)
Where I Should Be: 726.027 (Hey, yesterday marked day 265 of beer drinking, meaning only 100 more days to go!)

*Not really.

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