Thursday, September 9, 2010

Numbers! So Many Numbers!

So this is it.  I'm going to do a number dump here of all the beers I have drank since coming back from Canada.  And then, THEN, it's numbers time.  This is kind of exciting because I really have no clue what the total number will look like.  Also, I have done the numbers in OVER A MONTH.  That's just crazy.  Also, there's a lot of stuff worth talking about that's going to have to just flat out get cut for time.  I may make an interjection here and there, but obviously when you're dropping three weeks worth of beer drinking numbers in one post, space is limited.  Also, just to jog your memory, I'm going to go ahead and post my whole list of beers I've had since Michigan with the total beers drank in parentheses at the end of each day to help me count them.  Also, the parenthetical numbers take into account my new sampler conversion.  Also, here's the list:

8/6 – Mission Street Brown Ale at the Hotel (1)
8/7 – Library Something Porter at the Farm, Keewanaw Brown Ale at Hill Top, Keewanaw Widow Maker, Blatz at Farm (4)
8/8 – 1 Keewnaw Brown at Farm, 2 Sam Adams and 1 Old Milwaukee at Grandma’s Party, 3 Blatz and 1 Keewanaw Brown back at Farm (8)
8/9 – 1 Keewanaw Pickaxe Blonde at Ambassador, 10 samples at the Library, 1 Library IPA and 1 Library Keewanaw Gold from Growlers at the Farm, 1 Blatz at Farm (7)
8/10 – Budweiser at bowling, Celis Grand Cru, Dundee Stout, 4 Strohs at Farm (7)

Here's where I went to Alpena.

8/11 – Bells Oberon (1)
8/12 – 2 Bells Oberons, 1 Bells Two Hearted Ale (all at lake) (3)
8/13 – 2 Short’s Brewing Pandemonium Ales (all at lake) (2)
8/14 – 1 Short’s on Boat, 1 Northern Peak Archangel at the Portage, 1 Short’s back at lake (3)

...and to Ann Arbor

8/15 – Grizzly Peak Flight 9, Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere (really sour farmhouse ale, waitress kept saying everything was sour, I didn’t believe her, but she was right) (4)
8/16 – 1 Two Hearted Ale, 1 Bell’s Amber Ale in Molly’s back yard (2)
8/17 – 1 Ann Arbor Brewing Co. ESB and 1 Anniversary, Blue Tractor Sampler 6, Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noire (5)

...and back to NYC

8/18 – Victory Whirlwind Wit (1)
8/19 – Victory WW, Buttnut Can, 2 Founders Pale Ales at Franklin Park (4)

...and to Canada

8/20 – Griffon Blonde, Griffon Rouse at bar that musician owns, 2 B (something candian) Rouse and 1 Blonde at other bar, 1664 at irish pub, mystery beer at punk/goth club (7)
8/21 – 2 Molson Drys in hotel, Moosehead at Crobar, IPA, Scotch Ale, Honey Brown at Brutopia, Stella at dance club (7)

...and back to NYC.  Here's where beer drinking I haven't talked about begins.

8/25 – 1 Sierra Nevada Tumbler at bierkraft, 3 Blue Point Oatmeal Stouts at apartment (4)
8/26 – 1 Bark Red Ale (1)
8/27 – 1 BK Detonation, 1 BK Pennant, 1 BK EIPA at the Brooklyn Brewery (3)

I wanted to jump in here and say that the Brooklyn Detonation Ale is out of control.  It's like the Blast but amped up times 10.

8/28 – 1 River Horse Triple Horse and 2 Speakeasy White Lightnings at Rachel’s, 1 BK Lager at Lunasa. (4)
8/30 – 3 Defiant IPAs out of a Growler at home, 1 Molson Dry out of a can at home (4)
9/1 – 1 Sam Adams Blackberry Wit at Home (1)
9/2 – 2 Steamwhistle Pils at Home (2)

Steam Whistle Brewing Company is microbrewery out of Toronto.  My in-laws went and brought me back a six-pack of their pilsner, which is, coincidentally, all that they make.  It was pretty good and tasted, I thought, more like a golden ale than a pilsner, but still very good.  Apparently this stuff was all over Toronto, which is cool because it was definitely better than the stuff that was all over Montreal.  I blame the French.  Does it seem weird to you that these 2 beers get a whole paragraph while I'm glossing over everything else?  Well, when you bring me beers, you get rewarded (also, just so my uncle doesn't think I've forgotten about him, the next three Africa beers are sitting in my fridge and I will probably drink them tomorrow).

9/3 – 2 Yuenglings at City Bar, 2 Red Stripes at Happy Ending, 1 Blue Point at Home Sweet Home, 1 Beer at some bar? (6)
9/5 – 1 Coney Island Albino Python at Coney Island Freak Show (1)

I drank a bottle of the Coney Island Albino Python while actually watching the snake-charmer on the label of the bottle perform, which was pretty interesting.

9/6 – 1 Coney Island Lager at Franklin Park (1)
9/7 – 2 Brooklyn Lagers, 1 21st Amendment Back in Black, 1 Yuengling Black and Tan on campus during draft, 1 Brooklyn Lager back at home (5)
9/8 – 2 Six Point Bark Red Ales at Bark, 2 Rare Vos, 1 Founders Pale Ale at Franklin Park during Trivia (5)

And that's the list.  You might notice some days are missing.  Well, I didn't drink beers those days so get off my back.  Time to do some math.  Here we go.

Total beers I have drank since I last did the numbers: 103

Total Beers: 718
Where I Should Be: 687.671 (Still ahead!  I thought I would be further ahead, but I did take a considerable amount of days off.  Well, 31 beers ahead, I'll take it!)

Well folks, tomorrow we get back to the day to day stuff.  Man I am looking forward to writing normal sized posts and updating more regularly.  See you then!

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