Saturday, September 11, 2010


Let's keep this gravy train rolling.  Yesterday I had a Brooklyn Lager at home on the couch.  Departed for the East Village.  Had a Bud (didn't buy it!) at Holiday Cocktail Lounge, one of the more infamous dives of NYC.  Let me explain for a second why I had a Bud.  First, this is a dive amongst dives so the selection is limited.  Second, a bottle of Heineken was 8 bucks!  8!  A shot of whiskey and a Bud (a "Holiday Happy Meal") was only 7.  That's simple math right there.  Afterwards we went over to the ol' standby Lunasa where I had three Brooklyn Lagers.  Suffice it to say, we did Fashion Night Out right.  And by that I mean not at all.  I would like to report (not really) that we spent the evening hobnobbing with Kanye at some boutique but I don't have any money and don't care about fashion!

I want to prep you all for a couple things real quick.  First, sometime between now and the end of October I will be doing a 5 Boroughs, 5 Beers, 1 Day tour, meaning I will attempt to drink a beer in every borough in NYC in the course of one day (which, let's be real, will be a 12 hour time span).  If you're interested in joining any part of it, I will keep you posted.  Second, I think I have a plan for my 1000th beer.  This is in no way set in stone, but I thought I would give everyone a heads up.  It's probably, if all goes to plan, will go down on December 19th at the Brooklyn Brewery.  Again, formal announcement to come soon, but if anyone cared to join me for this momentous occasion, I thought ample heads up would be appreciated.  It's not?  Well fine then.  Be that way.

Total Beers: 727
Where I Should Be: 693.150

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