Sunday, November 28, 2010

Calling in the CPAs to do Some Number Crunching

Total Beers: 944
Where I Should Be: 906.849

So you might have noticed I put the numbers up front.  The total beers includes my Thanksgiving weekend totals you'll see at the bottom here.  I did the Bethlehem Brew Works Rude Elf Reserve tasting as best I could and you'll hear about that tomorrow, but for now I wanted to talk about some updated numbers.  I'm getting pretty close to the end here and I'm almost 40 full beers ahead.  But the thing is, the "Where I Should Be" numbers are calculated based on my finishing on December 31st.  However, because I want to have some type of celebration for the 1000th beer, and I can't have a party on New Years for logistical reasons, I'm going to be finishing, hopefully, on December 19th.  That's 12 whole days earlier, meaning my Where I Should Be needs to be adjusted as such.

I have 56 beers to go.  I have 22 days to drink them.  As such, I need to be drinking 2.545 beers per day, which is slightly less than the 2.7 or so I've had to drink so far.  So while being almost 40 beers ahead is pretty impressive, it's not so impressive if you cut off 12 days of drinking.  Also, I've got those finals or what have you coming up, so I've got figure at least three or four of those days (tonight included, I need some post-Thanksgiving detoxing here) are going to be beer free.  So let's say I've actually got 18 days worth of beer drinking till my new deadline.  That's 3.111 beers per day.  That's higher than my original pace.  The moral of the story is: I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do this.  I had anticipated cruising into the 1000th beer well ahead, with perhaps a few days of no beer drinking.  But that's not going to be the case now.  Now I'm going to have to work.  And believe you me, I am up for the challenge.  I'll get back at you with a beer related post tomorrow, but I just wanted to fill you in on my new found challenge here.

Wednesday: Bethlehem Brew Works Nemesis at BBW, Sam Adams Old Fezziwig, Sam Adams Chocolate Bock (3)
Thursday: Yards George Washington Porter, Sam Adams Holiday Porter, Sam Adams Winter Ale, Sam Adams Old Fezziwig,  Sam Adams Lager (5)
Friday: Sam Adams Chocolate Bock, Sam Adams White Ale, Bethlehem Brew Works Rude Elf Reserve (12 oz 2010 bottle) (3)
Saturday: Bethlehem Brew Works Oatmeal Stout and Bethlehem Brew Works Rude Elf Reserve on tap at BBW, BBW Rude Elf Reserve (25 oz 2009 bottle), BBW Rude Elf Reserve (12 oz 2010 bottle), 2 Weyerbacher Harvest Ales at the in-laws (6)

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