Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Long time, no see! It's Liz!

Well hello.  Ryan doesn't know I'm posting, but I am.  So shhh...this is just between you and me.

Ryan has casually mentioned something on this blog once or twice, but it's just too awesome for me not to talk about and where else to talk about it but on my husband's blog while he's not watching?

The beer place by our apartment is pretty great.  And I mean, honestly, pretty great for being in the middle of Brooklyn.  Not the gentrified, beautiful, moms-with-strollers-and-too-much-money Brooklyn, but the real "Haaaay, I'm'a wawking heeere" kind of Brooklyn.  But honestly, this place is great.

Much like Michigan, New York is a great beer state.  Now.  As a native Pennsylvanian, I know we have amazing microbreweries and brewpubs.  PA is a great beer state - but also a terrible beer state.  Did you know that you can only buy beer in cases in PA?  Yes.  Fact.  Except at like 3 stores in the entire state (and no, I have no idea how they get around the law), you have to sell by the case and you have to have limited sales on Sundays.  You know..Blue laws.  Totally relevant.

Relevant you say?  Right!  Back to my point.

So the beer store here in Brooklyn sells lots of cases of random crap (PBR, Coors, etc.) as well as cases of really cheap bad stuff (ie:  This post.)  What's that?  That's not a link?  Correct - Ryan has titles that do not relate to the content so I can't find it.  What I meant to link to was when I bought a 24-pack of beer for like $11 and while it was gross, it was suuuuper cheap.  That being said, they also have awesome cases, 6-packs, and individual bottles for good prices.

Additional side note:  There is an amazing place, Bierkraft, that we go to a lot.  They have great growlers, bottles, and aaaaamazing sandwiches.  But the bottles, while of a great selection, are more expensive than the regular case-place near us.  So, from time-to-time, we head over to the beer place near our apartment with our granny cart and get some beer.

A few days (weeks?) ago, Ryan and I went to get some beer and spotted these random mystery cases put together by the Park Slope Food Co-op (read all about it by cranky, lazy people in the NYTimes!)  It's a plain brown box full of 24 beers ... for $19.99.  Now, when I say this to my brother in Central Pennsyltucky, he thinks that's pricey.  In NYC, though, 6-packs are $10-$15 each.  Case places are few and far between, so heading the few blocks to get a $20 case rather than spending $40-$60 on 4 six-packs is a good idea financially.

Whew, this is getting really long for me not saying much.  ANYWAY.  We got a case and it was decent - lots of German random beers.  And one non-alcoholic beer.  WHAT?!  We then went back for a second - and it was waaay better.  Lots of awesome microbrews, great beers that usually go for $6 each, etc.  But also 2 Shandies.  WHAT?! (again).

Today we went back for 2 more cases.  Here's what I wanted to say.  It was nerve-wracking to pick which case to buy.  What if you choose a case of 24 bottles of German whatever rather than that other case which is holding 24 bottles of Westvleteren.  It's so nerve-wracking!  But we did okay.  Two cases of pretty decent stuff (although my case won:  Ryan's had SIX ciders!  Bwahahaha...Mine only had 2.)

I was reminded to say that this was a great idea and a great ploy by an organization to try to unload stuff they couldn't sell by simply putting a couple of good beers inside of the box.  Much like this.

Or this!  And now...the purpose of this post.  This song has been in my head since we bought these cases, so I am now putting that fate on you.


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  1. I am too from Central Pennsyltucky, and it took me a while to find a good reliable case store- I hate buying by the case. Moved from baltimore (beer bottle shops) back to PA and it is aweful. Glad you were able to find a spot in the city.