Monday, November 8, 2010

Bring Out Your Numbers

Liz is admonishing me to post.  So here it goes. Wednesday: no booze!  Unfortunately, I could have used some, as I saw the second worst play I have ever seen in my life.  Thursday I drank 2 Reissendorf Kolsches (not in kolsch glasses, unfortunately), a Fuller's ESB, and a Brooklyn Octoberfest on my couch.  Friday was one of the best beer days of my life.  I don't know about that for real, but it was a seriously great winter beer drinking evening.  First up, an Ommegang O Kyndnes, a new belgian scotch ale from possibly my favorite brewery.  So I love Ommegang, belgian ales, and scotch ales, so you'd probably imagine I hated this.  Well you'd be wrong.  It was great!  Up next was a 21st Amendment Fireside Chat, a self-described "winter spice ale" from a phenomenal brewer.  I love, LOVE, spiced ales.  Much like hopheads, I fancy myself a spice-head.  Additionally, you may recall Monk's Blood is one of my favorite beers of all time, so my expectations for this beer were through the roof.  That's unfortunate because, while the beer is phenomenally good, nothing could have met my expectations on this one.  I wanted a spice-explosion and instead got a reasonably-spiced, perfectly delicious beer.  But check out the can!
After that was a Full Sail Wreck the Halls which was pretty dope.  It's essentially an IPA and a winter warmer smashed up into one beer.  While it's a pretty interesting combo, it's neither hoppy enough nor winter warmer-y enough to make it really stand out.  More, damn you! More!  I followed that up with a Southern Tier Harvest Ale.  Southern Tier.  I need to drink more of you.  After their Imperial Pumpkin and the Harvest, I have to say they have the market cornered on winter/seasonal ales.  It's delicious.  I finished off the evening with a Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock.  Great beer drinking evening!  I love winter ales!

Saturday I had a Harvest (something? My plan was to take a picture of the lengthy name on the blackboard on my out, but I forgot to and can't seem to find the name on the internet) at Cornelius.  The waiter hyped this thing up a ton.  I thought, hell, I'll get it.  It was 8 bucks and, as I would discover, 8 ounces.  8 ounces!   You kidding me?  You're not Sam Adams Triple Bock!  Get the hell out of here!  I mean it was good, it was sort of a cross between a harvest ale and a barley wine, but temper your enthusiasm waiter!  I then had two Red Stripes at Woodwork, which would be sleeper candidate for top 5 bars in Brooklyn.  Later that evening I had two Presidentes at my friends' place before seeing Rocky Horror Picture show at midnight.

Sunday.  Sunday I had a Southern Tier Harvest Ale, a 21st Amendment Fireside Chat, and a Einbecker Pils.  Sorry for the straight run down of numbers here, but I have things in the works.  I know on facebook I said Channing Frye was in the works, but I think I might outsource that on account of that needs to be an Arizona beer and I just can't get any of those out here.  So instead I've been working on Jared Dudley, who, in awesome form, just graced the cover of a San Diego magazine about bars.  I love Jared Dudley!  I love San Diego!  I love bars!  Someone get me a copy of that!

Total Beers: 886
Where I Should Be: 852.054
Number of Exclamation Points in this Post: 13 (I actually counted.  Also, I thought about adding one here, but it would make the final count ambiguous, and this is a black and white zone my friends)

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  1. Winter beers are pretty great; just remembered I have a Harpoon Winter Warmer still chillin' in my fridge. It'll do!