Monday, November 15, 2010

(Less Than) 99 Bottles of Beer to Go!

I'd like to say that my weird, prolonged absences were intentional.  I'd like to say that I have about 8 Suns posts in my pocket that I've been working on.  I'd like to say that my once a week posting has been due to me trying to build suspense about the numbers.  I'd like to say a lot of things.  This is all just laziness though, pure and simple.  Here's how bad this is, I had to go back and check when then last time I updated was.  Here's something worse, my recollection of specific beers is pretty hazy, but we'll power through.  Given that I'm updating in my professional responsibility during a discussion on misleading statements to the courts, I'm only going to give you the real deal here.  I may have to post some corrections later after I talk to Liz, because she may be able to provide some insights.  The problem isn't that I've been getting so wasted that I just don't remember what I've been drinking.  The problem is that I haven't been writing things down.  Try to remember what you had for dinner last Monday.  Try it.  Pretty difficult, right?  But we'll get there.  I'm actually going to update in reverse here, because maybe by the time I get to Monday, the ol' memory will be jogged loose here.  I'm going to put the numbers next to the day to make things a little easier, math-wise, for me.

Last night (Monday): Had a Sierra Nevada Lager at John's Pizza in the Village.  Then went to Peculiar Pub where I had an Avery Old Jubilation (their winter ale) which was super delicious.  Then at home I had an Alhambra Negra.  It's from Spain!  And not that great! (3)

Sunday: nothing at all.  Detoxing the body night.

Saturday: This one's easy.  I was in Washington D.C. for a friend's birthday.  Started the evening with a 21st Amendment Fireside Chat at my friends' place.  Followed that up with a Goose Island Matilda and a Founders Cerise, their cherry ale, at Marvin's.  This was followed up by a Dale's Pale Ale at some electronic dance club whose name I did not get.  Piece of advice: it is hard to dance with glow sticks while holding a beer.  In future cases, I would recommend forgoing the glow sticks. (4)

Friday: Split a 25 oz bottle Lagunita's Imperial Stout with Liz (which was delicious) and drank a Golden Pheasant.  Let me say a few words about Golden Pheasant.  There were 4 combined in the cases we had.  I was jazzed at first because I thought they were Pilsner Urquels.  They were not.  If I knew anything about the law or trademark, I would say that Golden Pheasant probably shouldn't package their beers like that.  Also they were kind of gross.  Also, they're from Slovakia, so there's a first!  An international week, eh? (2)

Thursday: Ahh Veterans day, which I had off from work but not school because I guess my law school hates the troops or something.  Anyway, I had an Old Speckled Hen at Chip Shop out in Park Slope during a late lunch.  The next beer I drank was a Sam Adams Winter Lager in the Upper East Side at midnight.  Kickball happened in between (2).

Wednesday: Wednesday, had a Reservoir Ale at Reservoir of all places during what my friends Dave and Emily have dubbed "First Dinner."  Later that evening I split 25 oz bottles of Troeg's Mad Elf and Goose Island's Christmas Ale 2009 with Liz on the couch.  All were delicious (can't stop to elaborate here!  my memory!  it's a jogging!) (3)

Tuesday: Traquair House Ale on couch.  Delicious!  Wexford Irish Cream Ale!  Delicious and fun to pour! (2)

Monday: Two 21st Amendment Fireside Chats and a Southern Tier Harvest Ale on the couch!!!!!!! (3)  We did it!  Take that, short term memory loss!!!!  I vouch for all of these beers.  Every last one of them.  Man, I did not think I'd be able to do that.  Here's to more frequent updating!

Also, remember when I said I drank a Harvest something ale at Cornelius?    It was a Harviestoun Ola Dubh!!!!  That update's for the archivist.  I'm on a g-d role here baby.  You know how I figured that last one out?  I went to the Whole Food's beer place on Wednesday and saw it there.  So Whole Foods beer, in stark contrast to their, you know, food, is actually pretty cheap and they were selling it for 16 dollars for a 12 oz bottle!  That's nuts!

Total Beers: 905 (holy shit, we're down to the final 100!!!!!)
Where I Should Be: 873.972


  1. oh man this is hard.....I know Thursday and Friday. But before that I'm stumped.

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