Sunday, October 3, 2010

Look at This Photograph

I do have a funny definition of tomorrow.  The problem is, it's been kind of quiet on the Western front.  For instance, Wednesday night I went to pub quiz at Franklin Park.  Here's all I can think to write about that: their tap system is definitely messed up some how.  I went to order myself a Rare Vos and Liz a Coney Island Lager.  What I got back was two metallic tasting beers that didn't taste at all like a Rare Vos or a Coney Island Lager.  I couldn't even tell which one was supposed to be which.  Then I ordered a Duvel.  The Duvel tasted, while at least sort of like a Duvel, pretty hoppy.  Have you known Duvels to be pretty hoppy?  Me neither.  After that I ordered a can of Pork Slap.  That tasted like it was supposed to.  Also, our team the Pen 15 Club finished a disappointing 4th.  In fairness, there's only three of us and most other teams had at least 5 people.  So if anyone wants to join a bad-ass pub quiz team, hit me up.

Thursday I had...nothing!  This will change though.  I'm in a kick-ball league that plays every Thursday.  Our team pre and post-games with other teams, but I couldn't join this week on account of work/the impending apocalypse storm that was coming.  While I drank no beer, I did bust out my good Hudson Baby Bourbon for a drink to celebrate landing an interview that day for my dream job.  I was saving that stuff for when I actually get a job, but hey, gotta celebrate while the celebrating's good, you know?

Friday I had a Great Divide Scotch Ale at my apartment, which really might be my favorite scotch ale now.  It's seriously very good.  Then I had three Simpler Times Lagers at a friend's party.  Now, despite what you make think about a dood that runs one of the most boring beer blogs of all time, I don't go to a lot of "cool" parties.  I mean I go to parties with my friends that are cool, but I'm barely ever at a party where I don't know the majority of the people.  Well, this one on Friday was one of those.  People were wearing fedoras!  They had a guy DJing the whole night!  There was exposed brick wall!  It was nuts!

Saturday, well Saturday was a good drinking day where I inadvertently went to the same bar twice.  Also, for the first and hopefully last time I went to Greenpoint/Williamsburg twice in one day.  See what happened was Liz and I had to go to Greenpoint to pick up some sorbet.  That's a weird thing to go out there for, but that was why we were there.  We figured since we were out there we'd go on a little bar crawl using our remaining beer coupons for that day.  Well we start out at Bar Matchless, where I get a Brooklyn Weisse.  Then we called it a day and go home.  Some crawl right?  Well I get a call from a friend who just moved to Greenpoint and he wants to do a bar crawl out there.  How can I say no?  So I meet up with him at...Bar Matchless, where I get a Brooklyn Lager.  From there we move to Manhattan Inn where it took us about 20 minutes to get the bar tender to get us beers (we each got a Victory Donnybrook Stout).  I might be the first person to ever say, "I did not like Manhattan Inn."  Given that I didn't say that then, I just mentioned it, I'll say it now.  I did not like Manhattan Inn.  Logic.  It will get you every time.  From there we went to the Turkey Nest where they serve you something like 32 oz styrofoam cups full of beer.  I go up and order a Brooklyn Lager.  It costs me 8 bucks.  Not an absurd amount for 32 oz, but apparently their macros go for 4.  Unsure if upgrading to a Brooklyn Lager was worth doubling the price.  After that we head to Charleston, which has stopped serving free pizza with their beer, but they still have a sweet juke box and the prices are still cheap.  I have a Lagunitas IPA and a Six Point Sweet Action.  Then I went home!

You may also been waiting for the announcement that I promised in the last post.  Well here it is.  Next Saturday, October 9th, I will be doing an epic 5 Boroughs, 5 Beers, 1 Day Bar Crawl.  The goal is to drink a beer in every borough in of New York City, that's Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island, in the course of 24 hours using only public transportation.  Since I'm not going to be starting till about noon, that's really a beer in every borough in less than 12 hours.  I wanted to post an itinerary so if anyone cared to join me for any part of it, you'd be welcome to, but I don't have one yet.  Anyone know of any good bars in Staten Island by the ferry stop?  If you did, that would be much appreciated.

Total Beers: 781
Where I Should Be: 753.424

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