Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Cursed Scary Gypsy Lady Day

Interestingly enough, I'm having a great time writing these Suns updates, but it sort of cuts into my everyday writing about my drinking.  As such, my last update involved my Sunday drinking, but fret not my loved ones (and enemies), I've been keeping track of my drinking.  And in grand catch-up (ketchup?) tradition, I'll be starting with Monday and working my way up to last night.

So on Saturday night...WHAAAAAAT?  That's right, it's Super Psyche-Out Sunday, so I'm going to start from Saturday and work my backwards.  On Tuesday I drank four beers (suckas, Super Psyche-Out Sunday strikes again).  All these were on the couch while watching numbers on my computer screen corresponding to the Suns/Blazers game.  Here's the list: Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock, Brooklyn Pennant Ale, Coopers Lager, and an Einbecker Brauherren Pils.  Also, you might have noticed that I didn't talk about Monday.  Well, true to my word, it was an alcohol-free day.  So there's that.  Also, that was the worst paragraph I've written in my life.  Nothing to be done about it now though.

Wednesday was somehow more subdued than watching numbers flash on my computer screen.  Had a Brooklyn Pennant and a Brooklyn Octoberfest while sitting on my couch.

Thursday was another kick-ball extravaganza, which means a lot of drinking but very little that I can count.  Although, my friend Alex saved the evening by ordering pitchers of Sam Adams lager for use in flip-cup instead of the standard Bud Light.  So, I'm going to count 2 beers from that, which reasonable AND fair, which is a pretty solid one-two punch.

Now we're approaching Halloween weekend here.  The thing is, all my friends are out of town so instead of dealing with insane crowds and insane covers at bars, Liz and I decided we would spend the weekend on our couch watching movies.  Although, I did have a costume ready to go if we did decide to go out.

But we never ended up going out.  We split a growler of Captain Lawrence Pumpkin Ale on the couch (poured 3 for me) and afterwards I had a Full Sail Session Lager which I bought because it was $1.50 at Bierkraft and the bottle is pretty cool looking.

And that leads us to Saturday.  Went to Bierkraft (second day in a row, which is weird) where Liz and I bought a 25 oz bottles of McNeill's Pullman Porter and AleSmith's Yule Smith Holiday Ale.  We drank the porter during dinner because I figured the Yule Smith would be too spicy to go along with the food.  Turns out the Yule Smith isn't a spiced ale, but rather a Double Red Ale, which would have gone better with the sandwiches than the porter, but live and learn I guess.  Both were good.  Watched Drag Me to Hell and Nightmare Before Christmas while drinking a Fuller's ESB, Leipziger Gose, and Full Sail Session Black Lager.

One quick thing before I leave you for football here.  Apparently George W. Bush, America's most infamous teetotaler, begins his new memoir by discussing his alcoholism.  The memoir starts, apparently, with him not being able to remember the last time he went a day without a drink.  While I'm not saying he wasn't an alcoholic, that's not a very good way to think about addiction and not a very good way to think about alcohol.  Having a drink every day does not an alcoholic make.  For you non-vegetarians out there, can you remember the last time you went a day without meat?  No?  Does that make you "addicted" to meat?  Don't be cute/a douche and say that you are addicted to meat.  You're not.  There's enjoying things in moderation/not letting it destroy things in your life, and then there's addiction.  Having a drink may be necessary to being an alcoholic, but it certainly isn't sufficient.  Sorry for the rant to end things here, but in case you didn't know this, I think society at large has a pretty unhealthy attitude toward drinking.    I mean America obviously has weird attitudes towards consumption in general (see just about anything involving obesity/diet fads/the amount of processed foods we consume and the amount of grief we give ourselves for doing so), but this image of "all alcohol consumption is dangerous/problematic" has got to stop.  And on that note, here are the numbers:

Total Beers: 861
Where I Should Be: 830.136

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