Sunday, October 10, 2010

There's a Picture of Marlo from the Wire At the Diner On My Block

Hey there.  I did an epic 5 borough bar crawl yesterday.  I have pictures and junk.  But that'll have to wait till tomorrow.  Let's do the Thursday and Friday drinking before that.  Ok, so Thursday was nuts.  Like absolutely nuts.  Epic kickball, epic post-game party.  I went on a Flip Cup Survivor run that I will tell my grandchildren about (including winning a B.S. flip-off to get into the finals, I had that guy on the first go-round by a mile).  So how many beers do I get to count?  Two.  Two beers.  I had a Sam Adams Octoberfest before the game at Aces and Eights and a Climax IPA which I probably shouldn't have had at Jimmy's No. 43 after the post-game party.  The rest?  An un-quantified number of macrobrews.  You see how committed I am to authenticity?  Friday I had two Six Point Bark Red Ales at Bark, then a Jolly Pumpkin ES Bam at Washington Commons (Michigan beers fo' life).  Back at the apartment had a Abita Save Our Shore, a Laughing Dog (a brewery from Iowa!  a first for me!) Devil Dog Imperial IPA, and a Brooklyn Pennant.  This is a lot of beer drinking, I know, but Greg was in town so all bets were off.  Epic update tomorrow (or potentially Tuesday, what with me having another double date thing tomorrow night).

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  1. did you look at that photograph?
    every time you did...did you laugh?