Thursday, October 7, 2010

This is My Advanced Legal Research and Writing

Let's look at my lackluster drinking for the past couple of days:  Sunday I had a Long Trail Ale while eating pizza and watching football.  You know, on account of being a dood, I guess.

Mexican Monday (not racist! just wait!) I did a fair amount of drinking.  Had two Yeunglings (to the chagrin of labor enthusiasts) at City Tavern, then off on a nice double-datey evening to Benny's Burritos (hence the dubbed by Liz "Mexican Monday") where I had a Dos XX which is actually super good.  Fun Ryan trivia: the first Dos XX I ever had was at a Mexican restaurant in Amsterdam.  That won't be on the test though.  Also, there will be no test.  After that it was off to a bar whose name I forget where I had a Captain Lawrence Nut Brown Ale.  The bar is directly across from Crif Dogs/PDT if that helps.  It doesn't?  Well not my problem.  Next Monday is "Momofuko Monday" which will also involve PDT.  I'm pretty excited and also, apparently, made of money.  I've been bringing my lunch to work every day though, so don't get on my case, Dad.

Tuesday I ganked a free bottle of Brooklyn Lager from an event on campus, took it home, drank it on my couch, and followed that up with a Brooklyn Pennant that Liz had purchased.  Uh, no incites from that night, except that I like free beer, especially when it's actually good beer!

Last night (Wednesday), I had a Blue Point Pumpkin Ale, and that's it!  As Liz pointed out to me, ratebeer and beeradvocate hate this beer.  I don't get it.  Sure, it was a bit thin, but man it had a nice spice smell that really hits you upfront.  Sure, the beer itself didn't match the spice nose, but the spice smell upfront really gets you where you need to go, spice-wise.  I'm going to say spice, like, seven more times.  Spice spice spice.  For you math wizards, that was only three times.  The point is, this beer had an awesome spice "nose."  After that, whatever.  People online, as always, need to chill out.  I really don't understand the point of wasting precious time to go online to spew negativity about a perfectly fine brewer that is doing its damnedest.  Positivity people.  Celebrating and all that.  Get on it,  Also, the label said it was a "pumpkin malt beverage."  I'm always a little confused when brewers call something a malt liquor or a malted beverage.  Not confused to actually research it, though.

Look at these totals: 1 beer, 4 beers, 2 beers, 1 beer.  As you know I need to drink 2.7 a night to keep on pace.  Welp, we'll do some catching up this weekend.

Greg gets in this evening.  We'll hammer the itinerary for Saturday and put it up Friday.  Join us, won't you?


  1. EMILY coined the name of Mexican Monday. Give credit where credit is due.

    Also, proofread, dood.

  2. I know. Incites? More like insights.