Saturday, October 16, 2010

Southern Tier's Imperial Pumpkin Ale is So Good It Gets a Mention In a Post's Title

I took a week off from beer drinking.  A whole week.  Part of this was intentional.  I needed to dry out for a day or two after Greg left town.  Part of it wasn't.  Wednesday night I just didn't have any beer in the apartment.  But the beer drinking was rectified (that's probably not the word I'm looking for) on Friday night.  After I thought I had a job for literally four seconds (long depressing story), I needed a beer.  Went home, picked up a case of Brooklyn Octoberfest, and 25 oz bottles of Arcadia's Cereal Killer Barleywine and Southern Tier's Imperial Pumpkin Ale.  Had the Cereal Killer first.  Might be one of the most drinkable barleywines I have ever had, but I think I say that after every barleywine I have.  I just have to face facts here and admit that I can session a barleywine, so...good for me?  Followed that up with a Brooklyn Octoberfest.  Next up, the Southern Tier Imperial Pumpkin Ale.  Do me a favor.  Go out and drink one right now.  You will not regret it.  I can't remember the last time I was so floored by a beer, but man, this beer was amazing.  I'm not kidding when I say it tasted (and smelled like) drinking pumpkin pie in the best way imaginable.  And at only 8 bucks for a 25 oz bottle, man, you can't beat that.  I can't say anything for certain, given I've only had one, but the Southern Tier Imperial Pumpkin Ale might encroach upon Bethlehem Brew Works' Rude Elf's status as my favorite winter beer.  Clearly, much more research is needed.  And I know just the man for the job.

Total Beers: 809
Where I Should Be: 789.041

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  1. whoa whoa whoa.

    Firstly, you are worrying me if you are saying that Southern Tier was better than Rude Elf -- I think it's just been too long since you've had one.

    Secondly, let the Southern Tier be your favorite fall beer. Rude Elf is still clearly for the winter.