Thursday, April 15, 2010

300 Beers!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

It seems like every other day is a milestone around here. Today's cause of celebration de jure (redundant, I know): 300 beers. Last night, I hit 300 beers on the year. The funny thing is, I wasn't exactly intending on it. As you should know, I'm on a slightly less than 3 beers a day pace. Well, last night I thought I would do the minimum 3 beers. But then I realized that that would be put me at 299. Then I realized that the Suns were in the process of securing up the 3 spot in the playoffs. Then I cracked open beer number 300. It all seemed too karmic.* Unfortunately, outside of the amazing Suns victory, there's not too much to say about historic night of drinking. I had three McSorley's Black Irish Lagers and one Southampton Altbier on the couch (who can guess what I bought a case of???????!!!!!!!!). I've determined that I will have some type of event for the 500th beer. What that is, I'm not sure, but it will be something. I drank some interesting beers today, which you'll hear all about tomorrow. All I want to say right now is that this upcoming month is going to be a struggle with a million obligations. I have to drink beer. I have to study for finals. I have to take finals. I have to watch the Suns playoff games. If you're curious as to how this all pans out, I'd suggest you direct your curiosity toward more productive ends like curing cancer or something. But reading this blog would be an acceptable alternative as well, I guess. 300!

Total Beers: 300
Where I Should Be: 284.931

*Just so you know that I know, karma isn't an actual thing. Sorry, Hindus and Buddhists. Not sorry, jerkwads that say they are "spiritual but not religious." You're the worst.

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