Saturday, April 24, 2010

This Is Class War, Yeah This Is Class War

I've been trying to figure out how to write a "punk rock and beer" post for a while. I still have no idea what that would entail. I'm sure punk rock somehow influenced my beer drinking. I bought Propaghandi's "How To Clean Everything" when I was 11 and diligently hid it from my parents (they made me return Green Day's "Dookie" twice. I didn't think they'd be too cool with me owning an album that had "fuck" in just about every song title. Sorry folks!).* That would probably explain my aversion to corporate brew:

I do love that they plug reading and books at the end. I debated putting this video or Black Flag's "Six Pack," but I thought the latter would be a bit too obvious.

Yesterday I had an Atwater Block Spring Bock Lager at Washington Commons. While it was pretty good, I believe it holds the distinction as being the longest named beer I've had this year. Then Liz and I went to dinner at The Vanderbilt where I had a Victory Storm King Stout. Also, another solid beer!

Total Beers: 330
Where I Should Be: 309.589

*Still haven't used "fuck" yet on this blog, only mentioned it. Logic to the rescue once again!

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