Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Casually Bringing Up My Other World Travels

Sorry for the radio silence there yesterday. Truth is, not much to report. On Sunday I had one beer, a Kwak. Kwak is a belgian ale from Belgium no less. While it's a pretty good beer, it's most famous for the glass it is typically served in. Here's an awful picture of said glass (well, glasses, I have two) I took with my cell phone on Sunday:

I actually bought both of those glasses on separate trips to Belgium (I've been twice, both times as side trips from Amsterdam with my family. Yes, I've been to Amsterdam twice with my family. My folks are, as they say, pretty cool). The first time I went to Belgium was actually before I was a big ol' beer guy. My dad and I did a day trip to Brugge, toured a dope brewery out there (I'll post the name later, I have it written down at home) and then settled in for lunch at a small cafe. I think the best way to describe Brugge is that it looks like what an old timey European city designed by Disney would look like, except its authentic, which is awesome. Anyway, at this lunch, I ordered a Kwak. It came in a glass like that, you know, except the glass was two feet long! It was crazy. I subsequently bought one of those glasses, brought it home, and on my next trip out there completed the set. The glasses, according to the internet, were originally designed so they could hang off the sides of stage coaches. Pretty cool!

Anyway, no beers yesterday (Monday). So you know what that means? Link Monday/Tuesday! Woo! This week's theme: drinking while traveling.

Mile High Boozing: The Five Best Airlines for In-Flight Beer by Jaunted. I'm not generally a big fan of drinking on planes, but if I did, I'd want something good. The best I've ever had on a flight was a Heineken so it's nice to see some airlines are upping the game.

BarCars This is just a cool website that documents various bar cars on trains. I don't really ride the rails much, but if I did, I think you'd know where to find me.

Total Beers: 335
Where I Should Be: 317.808

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  1. 2 feet? I bet they measure them in metric...