Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Brooklyning

I thought about postponing posting (I wish I ran a soul food blog so I could say I thought about postponing posting pones), but I didn't want to run into link Mondays, which are actually posted on Tuesdays, and aren't actually a real thing yet. That sentence made my head hurt but I have an aversion to pressing the delete button, which is probably why this blog reads like something something something. I'll complete that analogy later.

So yesterday, in all my freedom, I walked around this entire borough. Along the way I stopped at at the Gate, because you know, how could I not?, and had a Brooklyn Dark Matter and oh was it awesome. Afterwards I went to Bierkraft to buy a sandwich for dinner and had a Southampton Biere De Mars, Southampton's take on a traditional Martian ale. It was light and fruity and tasty, but sadly a month out of season (Biere De Mars is actually "March Beer" and I drank it in April. I should be ashamed, I know).

After walking for a million more miles (seriously, neighborhoods I walked through yesterday include Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Park Slope, South Slope, Gowanus, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, and Bed-Stuy) I went home and drank a 25 oz bottle of Lagunita's Gnarley Wine. In case you're bad at understanding puns, Gnarley Wine is a barley wine and a pretty tasty one at that. It was actually the sweetest, fruitiest barley wine I think I've ever had. I would recommend it! That's it for the beers I had. I know three sounds like weak sauce, but that giant bottle of Lagunitas would generally pour out three glasses, but I have to count that as one because of the integrity and all. In conclusion, this is the best post I've ever written.

Total Beers: 312
Where I Should Be: 293.150

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