Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Link and more links!

No beers yesterday. Mondays appear to be my no-beer-days, which is weird because Mondays are my longest days which would seemingly prompt me to want to drink. But I think this says something important, that being that I don't need to drink. So there you go, American Bar Association and potential future employers who will never actually find this blog.

In lieu of discussing the beers I drank, I think I will use the opportunity to direct you guys to some beer related articles and briefly share my thoughts about it. So here we go:

First Link: It's Better to Drink A Beer After Exercise than Water, from the Cleveland Leader. My only comment here is that it lists "moderate beer consumption for men" as 500 ml per day. A pint of beer has 473 of beer in it. A standard bottle of beer has 3/4 of a pint in it, which would be about 355 ml. So already, according to this post, drinking a "moderate" amount of beer entails drinking more than one beer a day. Considering my pace has me drinking less than three beers a day, it doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility that my beer consumption is more on the side of "moderate" than "excessive."

Second Link: Beer: A Celebration of Craft Brewing, from the Washington Post. This is a nice little article about the 2010 Craft Brewers Conference. I think what I found most interesting about it was how many politicians are themselves home brewers. Check it out!

I have more links, but I think I'll save those for later. As I mentioned earlier, there will be a few beer free days coming up soon.

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