Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We Were the Best Team in the League!

Sorry about the delay in posting here. Truth is it's been pretty quiet on this front. Sunday I had four beers (2 McSorley's Black Irish Lagers, 1 Southampton Altbier, 1 Sierra Dorado) during the day and while watching my Suns loses to the Blazers. If the Suns lose this series, I am very likely to end up like this guy (swear words in the video, be warned!) Also, the dood at the end is very likely to be Liz:

Well, in sort of sticking to tradition, I only had one beer on Monday night (McSorley's). So even though I only had one beer, and I already sort of posted, I'm going to go ahead a stick with Link Mondays here (brought to you on Tuesday). Today's theme is alcohol content. The first link I'm posting has to do with wine, but I'll drop the very real beer connection on you afterwards.

Wines That Pack A Little Extra Kick from the Wall Street Journal. As always, wine drinkers are jerks. There used to be a debate in the beer community about alcohol content in beers, thinking a beer couldn't be "balanced" with a high alcohol content, but then everybody probably drank a couple of beers, mellowed out, and then realized that higher alcohol content in beers can actually make some beers taste better! Who knew? Enter this jerk, Rajat Parr, wine director of the San Francisco based Michael Mina restaurant group. He says, "I won't taste wines over 14% alcohol." If I hired a guy to pick out beers for my restaurant and he refused to try beers because of their alcohol content (or any other reason really), you know what he'd be? Fired! Man, wine drinkers are idiot snobs. Ok, maybe not all of them, but those who think that some arbitrary percentage of alcohol in a wine is a cutoff for "balance" are.

My second link here is Super-High-Alcohol Beer Heads to the U.S. from Time. My reaction here is that I'm troubled by the fact that not once do the brewers or the article mention the taste of the beer. I get trying to pump up alcohol content in a beer as an academic exercise, but you're going to sell this? Lest we forget that above all, beer is supposed to taste good. Unlike Mr. Parr, I'm not going to discount this beer out of hand, but again, it's curious as to why they wouldn't talk about taste. I read somewhere that a good way to think about alcohol in beer is that it's like fat in foods, and that finding the appropriate balance in the appropriate beers is the key to a tasty beer. I think this beer, however, would almost be like eating a spoonful of lard. But if someone wants to drop the $60 on a bottle for me, I most certainly wouldn't say no.

Total Beers: 317
Where I Should Be: 298.630

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  1. MMMmmm... I hope the beer is like this. Delicious.