Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good for Young Generation!

I've been pretty bad at updating this past week here. I've got two days worth of beer drinking to describe and part of that I'll finish tomorrow. So let's get the bland stuff out of the way. Tuesday I had three beers, two McSorley's Black Irish Lagers and a Simpler Times Lager (I bought a six pack at Trader Joe's while grocery shopping, couldn't be avoided). I drank them on the couch while doing nothing of interest to any of you.

Last night (Wednesday), however, I actually ventured out of my apartment for some drinking. My wife and I had ourselves a nice little date night in Manhattan. First we went to the Blind Tiger in the West Village. Remember earlier when I said I couldn't think of a Manhattan bar that would make my top ten? Blind Tiger might. I've been there a bunch of times before. They have a really good beer selection (it being a "beer bar" and all) for okay prices. What brings it down, and I mean way down, are the super awful crowds at night. It gets pretty packed, and not with people you'd think would be going to a bar that only serves fancy microbrews. But yesterday Liz and I got there around 4:30 in the afternoon and much to our surprise, it was crowded (but not packed) with beer people AND they were having a Bear Republic Brewing Company event. All 25 of their taps were dedicated to Bear Republic beers which was pretty cool. I haven't had many Bear Republic beers before, so I was pretty stoked. While there I had their Double Rocket, their imperial red ale. Perhaps the beer they are most famous for is their Red Rocket Ale, which is a pretty good red ale. Well their Double Rocket is their Red Rocket turned up to 11. I'd never had an "imperial" red ale before, so that was kind of a trip. After that I had their Olde Scoutter's Barleywine. Liz thought it smelled weird but I couldn't smell anything, which is becoming a common occurrence with our beer drinking. I'm not sure if my sense of smell is shot or if hers is permanently wired to "that smells weird."

After Blind Tiger we went to dinner where I had...water. After dinner we went to the White Horse Tavern. The White Horse Tavern, as you may know, is the place where Dylan Thomas essentially drank himself to death and where all the other Bohemia people hung out in the 50s and 60s. So a bar brimming with history right? It even has a cool a exterior:

So you'd imagine it'd be pretty cool, right? Wrong. It, in fact, kind of sucked. I mean it didn't suck, really. It's just nowhere near what it should be. The bar seemed like the bar at an Applebees. Ok, that's a bit harsh, but it had a super generic vibe to it. I can't imagine, say, Cormac McCarthy or Justin Bieber hanging out there now. And now that my blog has had a million new visitors who found it googling Justin Bieber, I will say that I had an Anchor Steam Ale there. So welcome, throngs of tween girls to my blog about beer drinking. On second thought, get out of here, underaged weirdos. Go and google a worthwhile teen-heartthrob, like G.G. Allen.

After that we went home and took a trip to Africa...That plus numbers tomorrow

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