Monday, April 12, 2010

Sometimes I Wish the Titles of My Posts Accurately Reflected their Content

Hey chumps! Yesterday I did some quality Brooklyn-ing, involving exploring abandoned subway tunnels and walking about this great borough, but since that didn't involve beer, and I really need a short(er) entry, I will skip the details there! I will say my Brooklyn-ing ended up at Chip Shop, an English fish and chip restaurant world famous (this is true, I had heard of it even before moving to NY) for frying anything and everything. We at lunch there and I had a slice of deep fried pizza. It was awesome. At this restaurant (it was really more like a pub, in that the focus on eating and drinking was quite literally evenly split, the bar might have even been bigger than the restaurant seating area) I had a Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball Ale, an English Strong Ale. I've spoken previously about "English Strong Ales" (see here). This one was a pretty good one. A bit darker and a bit thicker than the Brooklyn Backbreaker, but pretty good! Although, it does fail Liz's "drinkability" test. This isn't really Bud's claim to drinkability. She essentially likes beers that she doesn't have to work at drinking. As such, she's not a big barley wine fan. So for instance, she loves Sam Adams Winter Lager because it's delicious, full flavored, AND it's pretty easy to drink. Me, I don't mind working at my beers. While this beer wasn't the most "work" to drink, much easier than say Victory's Old Horizontal, it was a trek!

I'll say one final thing about Chip Shop. They're an English themed pub (in case you have short term amnesia) and as such they specialize in English beers. However, their remaining taps are dedicated to a rotating specific brewery. When I was there, it was Laguntias. I think Troeggs is up next. I just wanted to say that I like this concept. If I wanted a bigger drinking afternoon, I would have run the table on the Lagunitas (Liz got their Cappuccino Stout, which was also pretty good). Alas I stopped it at one, but I do like to try beers from one brewery back to back, so there is a good chance I head back to Chip Shop. But I'll probably avoid the fried pizza on account of not wanting to die.

Then we went back home and I had my last Monk's Blood. Here's to you, awesome beer. I eagerly await the day when I stumble upon you in some bodega in East Flatbush and my head explodes.

Total Beers: 292
Where I Should Be: 276.712

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