Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back On Track!

All right, time to tidy up the loose ends of the past week. So we got through the beer drinking of Thursday (mentioned briefly at the end of the Africa post). On Friday I met up with the wife at Franklin Park for a sunny summer afternoon beer (Defiant Lager). Then we went back to the apartment and went to a new beer bar in the neighborhood Hot Bird. I'm sort of loathe to talk about it on the extremely off chance that anyone else in Brooklyn reads this thing. The thing is, it's kind of hidden (not in a douchey speakeasy sense but in a not-very-obvious kind of way). I don't care about it being hidden qua being hidden. I care about people not knowing where it is because it has a SUPER DOPE OUTSIDE PATIO AREA that isn't super packed like all the other bars with outdoor space. It's not a secret bar and its intent isn't to be a secret bar. It's just new and kind of in a place where no one would look for a bar. In Prospect Heights, there are a bunch of buildings with giant ads for a long defunct restaurant called "Hot Bird." Here are some pictures:

Well, it's in the side of one of the buildings with a giant sign on it. Here's another tip. It's in a building that isn't getting torn down by Ratner. Happy hunting! While there I had a Pretty Things Jack D'Or and a Kostwitzer Shwartzbier. After that we went home where I had Ft. Collin's Brewery Major Tom's Pomegranate Wheat on the couch. Saturday a had a whopping total of one Victory Whirlwind Wit (which is quite possibly the most refreshing beer on the planet. So let's do the numbers!

Total Beers: 348
Where I Should Be: 331.506

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