Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Interrupting cow who?

Well, hello! This is Liz, or as I am called on this blog, "The Wife". Ryan's off studying for finals, so I thought I'd keep this thing alive and kicking! Yeah!!

I am still trying to think of something amazing to write about that will just blow all of Ryan's posts out of the water, but until that day, I'm going to write about something that I have been looking at a lot recently.

Ask me what my three favorite things are. DO IT, I dare you.
Ok, since you asked, they are (in no particular order) Brooklyn, subway train facts, and beer. Well, this post is about two of those things. And NO! It's not about this (obvious) fact. No, it's about how awesome home-brewing is and how Ryan and I are weirdly not participants in this awesome thing! ("beer" and "Brooklyn" were the correct answers)

One of my favorite things to do on a sunny Saturday in spring and summer (alliteration!) is go to the Brooklyn Flea Market. It is a great place to go wander and spend some (money) time in the beautiful weather. They have amazing food, great artists, cool junk, and amazing stuff to wear and fill your home with.

One of those items is an attractive home-brew kit. Now, attractive is important when living in New York City, where the average size of an apartment is less than 850 square feet. No one wants a huge 10-gallon plastic contractor's bucket with clear tubing running to other buckets and whatnot filling your entire kitchen and/or living room (and in NYC, it's more often the "and" since it's all the same room. So let's add bedroom to that list too).
NO. This is the biggest reason why I have always said no to home-brewing. With space so limited (although not this limited), every item put inside your home matters. I have worked really hard to make our apartment spacious yet cozy, attractive yet functional ... and having 1/10 of our square feet taken up with unattractive and messy-looking home-brew things was just not going to happen.

So, let me tell you how excited I was to find this!

A couple in their mid-twenties in Brooklyn quit their jobs to sell 1-gallon beer kits in attractive blown-glass containers. The amount of beer made is great at just one gallon (so many kits have you making 5-10 gallons at a time!) and it will look good on our counter too!

They sell lots of different kits (and are constantly changing them too) and can be found at the Brooklyn Flea every Saturday in Fort Greene or online here.

I know this is starting to sound like a testimonial for a product I don't even own, but I love that two people saw a need in people's beer lives and started a business (and are successful!) to help people with their beer needs.

I am writing this for many reasons: 1) I wanted to write about something and haven't been inspired with my amazing blog entry topic yet, 2) I think people following their passions and being successful doing so is awesome, 3) I like to tell people about the awesomeness of the Brooklyn Flea any chance I get, and 4) I am hoping that after writing this post Ryan and I can go get one of these and brew this summer. I am simply trying to help Ryan out with getting more material to write about on this blog. I really am only trying to help.

Ok! Last Name Out!


  1. You guys need to get in on the brewing!!! When we come back to the States we're planning on brewing a super complex high ABV ale of some kind (probably an Imperial Ale if I had to guess b/c it'd be relatively easy). It'd be great if when I come up to visit we can swap brews.

  2. If only I could have gotten this as your wedding gift!