Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Horror, The Horror

This is the end. This is the end, my only friend, the end. Not the end of this blog, just the end of beer drinking for the next four to five days. The next time you hear from me, I may be crawling out of a deficit. We all knew this would happen at sometime, but that's what the lead is for.

Yesterday I had three beers. I had a Sixpoint Apollo Wheat at Bark with dinner. Sixpoint's wheat beer is a pretty heavy/dark wheat beer. As a point of reference, you could not tell the difference between the beer I got and Liz's Sixpoint Bark Red Ale. I thought it tasted kind of tangy for some reason. Liz said it tasted like it had a bite to it, and then she proceeded to make the world's worst joke, "My beer's got the bark, yours has the bite," and laugh to herself for about forty-five minutes. And here we almost made it to a full year of marriage, but some things I cannot abide.

Later that night Liz and I split a growler (I had two beers worth) of Chelsea Brewery's Showers and Flowers Wheat, another pretty heavy wheat beer. You've heard my rant about the whole "Tastes Great Less Filling" ads. Well, this beer might be an exception. It was pretty tasty, but super filling, as in I felt uncomfortably full after drinking it, that's how thick it was. It didn't taste super heavy, but man, this beer was like a meal. Could have been worse though. We have a growler of a Greeport Harbor barley wine that I'm going to have to drink by myself at some point because it turns out Liz doesn't like barleywines. I'll probably do that next Thursday in my triumphant return to beer drinking. Till then, I might post a link or two here, just to make sure this blog doesn't atrophy, but until then, happy drinking and I hope you all get to enjoy some tasty beers in my absence.

Total Beers: 364
Where I Should Be: 350.684

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