Saturday, May 15, 2010

Expand My Brain, Learning Juice!

I'm back. In the words of Strongbad, ladies line up to my right for makeouts, dudes to my left for high-fives. Four days. Four long days of no beer. To give you some comparison as to how long that is, that's 345,600 seconds I went without beer. The earth spun on its axis FOUR TIMES since the last time I had a beer. A baby born on the last day I had beer would be FOUR DAYS OLD by the time I had another beer. Finally, from the last time I had a beer to the time I drank one four days later, 192 generations of mayflies had come in and out of existence! That's crazy!

The important thing is I did it. Unlike Homer Simpson's approach to studying, or my approach to studying for the GREs, I went beer free. Three 8 in the morning finals in a row. Astronomical amounts of studying to be done in between. Beer (and, supplementally, all alcohol, I wasn't pounding shots or anything in place of beer) had to go. It wasn't all bad. The first night, Sunday night, was pretty rough, if only for the fact that game four of the Suns/Spurs series was on, and man, it was an awesome game. But I did it. Not one beer consumed while watching the Suns put the last nail in the Spurs coffin. From there on out though, pretty easy. Around day three I was getting the shakes for some beer, but that's because Liz and I ordered a pizza and up until that point I didn't think it was possible to eat pizza without drinking a beer. But after that last final on Thursday, oh man, was that beer sweet.

I'll pause now because you probably noticed that I drank on Thursday, which would generally mean a Friday post, and it is now Saturday. Well that Friday I decided to just take a day off from everything. Studying. Working out. Showering. And Posting. Besides, Liz wanted to get one more post in before her reign over this blog ended. Speaking of which, how about those posts? Pretty good I say! Turns out that she really liked doing those, and I hope you guys enjoyed reading them, because she'll be posting here about once a week. Or so she says. Consistent blog posting is a lot more work than you might imagine. I say all this so you guys appreciate me. I said APPRECIATE ME!

Anyways, back to beer. Oh man I love me some beer! Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder, which is pretty crazy in this place because I was already super fond of beer. So that Thursday I get out of a final. I didn't intend to go to a bar immediately thereafter, but if friends were going, I was going. Given that it was 3 in the afternoon, the bar (City Tavern) was practically giving away some beers like Yuengling, but I couldn't have a plain ol' Yuengling as my first beer back, so I went with their best tap selection, Speakeasy Prohibition Pale Ale. Not a bad way to come back from a four day beer hiatus, not a bad way at all. After that I had a Yuengling (because c'mon, I'm not made of money) and then went back home. At the apartment I had a nice growler of Greenport Harbor Triton, their barley wine, waiting for me, and had one glass of that. Later that evening, Liz and I went to Franklin Park where I had two Founders Lagers. Founders is a pretty good brewery from Grand Rapids, Michigan, but for some reason they are all over New York City right now. I had never seen, or even heard of them, until about two months ago, but now you literally can't find a beer bar in NYC that doesn't have at least one of their beers on tap. They've been open since 1997. I wonder what took them so long to get to NYC and why they are all over the place now.

After Franklin Park, we went home where I poured another 2 Tritons from the growler. That's seven beers in about 9 hours time. Not a bad re-starting of my beer drinking.

Yesterday I had two beers. Two whole beers. I don't know what happened. Oh wait, yes I do. My apartment is out of beer! I had a Magic Hat #9 and a Troeggs Sunshine Pils while sitting on the couch. Then the apartment was beerless, except for some Triton I had left in the growler. The Titon, while an incredibly smooth and drinkable barley wine, is a barley wine nonetheless. You don't exactly pound them while trying to put up numbers, you know, unless you're coming back from a four day drinking hiatus. So I left that in the fridge. Today it's sunny, temperate, and my studying is essentially done. I'm heading out for some beers. I'm glad to be back. I missed you all so very much. And now, hold your breathe, the numbers:

Total Beers: 373
Where I Should Be: 367.123 (still ahead! whew!)

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