Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lamar Odom's Lucky Game

The results are in: last night I had three Greenport Tritans poured out of the growler while watching the Suns/Lakers game. Both the game and beer were pretty gross. The thing about growlers is that you sort of need to drink them immediately, or if not in the next couple of days. Well, due to my finals schedule and what not, I had to wait a week to open the growler. It was pretty good then. Normally Liz and I will finish off a growler in one sitting, but she hates barley wines, and because it is a barley wine, I certainly wasn't going to drink the whole thing by myself in one sitting. So, I had to save the other half till later. So that's what I was drinking last night. A growler two weeks after it had been poured and one week after it was opened. Not the greatest thing in the world to do. But its done and there's no beer in the apartment, which coincides nicely with me being kind of sick. So no beer tonight! But, BUT! I am going to a near and dear friend's bachelor party tomorrow night, and if I am to understand correctly, those things tend to involve some drinking. See you chumps on Thursday!

Total Beers: 381
Where I Should Be: 375.342

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