Saturday, May 8, 2010

Goran Dragic

I have been derelict of my duties. Its now Saturday afternoon and the last beer drinking I discussed took place on Tuesday! Tuesday! Ok. So here we go. One thousand posts in one!

Wednesday: I had three beers (Victory Whirlwind Wit, Major Tom's, and a Simpler Times Lager) which watching the Suns dismantle the Spurs while wearing the Los Suns jerseys. It was awesome. I don't have a big venue to talk about sports or politics (you know, like this huge platform I have here), so I'll make this point here. The Arizona immigration law is stupid. Every sensible person knows that. Boycotts of Arizona and Arizona products? Whatever, I think doing that is both a good idea and a really stupid idea. But here is what I think is just crazy. Everyone in Arizona who thinks this law is a great idea also thinks boycotting Arizona is a stupid reaction to not liking the law. That's fine. But these same people are boycotting the Suns for showing displeasure in the law? YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. You can't say out of one side of your mouth, "You don't like Arizona's new law and Arizona's citizenry's vocal support of the law? Fine but boycotting Arizona is not the appropriate response," and say out the other side of your mouth, "I don't like your vocal opposition to this law, so I'm going to boycott your economic enterprise." Well you could but you would be a STONE COLD HYPOCRITE. That is literally the only interesting thing I think I have to say about this whole ordeal.*

Thursday: Thursday was a light beer day in as much as I took a take home final during the day, which, you know, entailed not drinking. Come on peoples. I finished that up around 7 at night and then finished off the two beers we had left in the apartment (Victory Whirlwind Wit, Major Tom's) over the course of four hours while studying and watching some TV. For you math geniuses, that's one beer every two hours.

Friday: Hey, a day where I will talk about beer! It was gorgeous outside, just gorgeous. I hadn't intended on this being a big outdoor drinking day wasn't! You just got soooo psyched out. I did drink one beer outdoors. I had been studying/running all morning when I get a call from Liz to see if I want to have a beer outside at Washington Commons. Figuring I will be cooped up inside for the next week and a half I accept. I get a Great Divide Collete Saison Farmhouse Ale. I love me some saisons, also known as the quintessential summer beer, but for some reason haven't found and American version I liked. Well, this one I loved. I don't know how else to describe it except for summer in a beer (and if you generally think of things like Bud Lime as "summer in a beer," well, you're an idiot). After that we walked out to Bierkraft to get some sandwiches for dinner and, quite obviously, had a beer there (I had a Victory Golden Monkey, a pretty awesome Belgian Triple that, for reasons I'm sure I'll explain later, reminds me of my college graduation. Ok, I'll explain those reasons now. Really it's just one reason. I drank a lot of it the night before my college graduation. That's how beer legit I am).

Bierkraft might be the greatest store on earth. It's a craft brew store where you can also get delicious sandwiches and specialty cheeses and stuff. What makes it so great though is now you can pick a bottle of beer and drink it right in the store! Crazy stuff. It's like a bar but way cheaper and with more selections. While there I also bought a bottle of Ommegang's new Triple Perfection, their new limited release belgian triple. By now you should know that Ommegang does all things belgian to perfection, and this was no different. It recently won some award for something at the World Beer Cup. I think the WBC is kind of stupid, for reasons I'm sure I'll explain later (Ok fine. I'll explain them...not now. Psyched out again!), but at least deserving beers are winning! Liz and I split the bottle while once again watching the Suns dismantle the Spurs. Suffice it to say, it was an awesome night.

I'd like to say that my updates will much more frequent and back to their normal pace from here on out. Unfortunately, that's just not going to be the case. Every year I have to be a real law student for about two weeks (finals week and the week before it). Well we're in the middle of that now. My time is a bit more monopolized and my beer drinking will certainly be down. That's just the way the cookie crumbles. But fear not. I'll be by here occasionally and once this week is over there's a lot of fun stuff going on like a bachelor party in Philadelphia and a trip back home to Arizona. So this will get more interesting. That I can promise.

Total Beers: 361
Where I Should Be: 347.945

*I lied. That wasn't interesting.

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