Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fixing SB1070 One Beer At A Time

I don't mean to drown out Liz's excellent post here, but I've got to put some numbers up here or I'll start to forget about all the beer I drank.  So, appropriately enough, I had my 400th beer in Arizona with my dad (and mom and sister) at Red, White, and Brew.  It was a Four Peaks Kiltlifter, a Scottish Ale made out in Tempe.  It's a pretty good beer and my dad wanted you all to know that it's his favorite.  I followed that up with a Four Peaks 8th Street Ale, their pale ale, and as far as pale ales go, it's ok, not the hoppiest thing in the world but not super un-hoppy if that makes any sense (it didn't).

I like that restaurant Red, White, and Brew, but their waitress did something that absolutely drives me crazy.  I should start by saying that this place has "Brew" in its title.  The place has beer.  I know that.  I've been there.  But when I asked her what's on tap, she proceeded to give me a very detailed litany of their copious amount of macro-brews and then, almost as an aside, said "and we have some Four Peaks beers."  After I asked her which ones they had (they had 4!) she told me and I ordered.  But you're telling me that you thought it was necessary to say that you had Bud AND Bud Light AND Miller AND Miller Lite, but you thought it was ok to just lump all of your microbrews into a quick, "and we have some Four Peaks beers"?  Poor form waitress, poor form (not to be confused with poor pour form, which could theoretically be something, or poor pore pour form, which, if that's something, it's super gross).  The only worse response she could have given me, and I kid you not when I say that I get this a lot when I ask "What's on tap," is "Everything."  Ok, well then bring me back a Westvleteren 12 or else you're a filthy liar who, as a result of your awful, awful lies, is going straight to hell.

After the restaurant we went back home and my dad and I split large bottle of Stone Ruination IPA.  My parents' place was filled to the brim with IPAs in anticipation of my arrival.  Have to say, it was appreciated.

Tuesday, my mom, dad, and I went golfing.  While golfing I had an Oskar Blues Gordon Ale, what they describe as a "double red/imperial IPA," that clocks in at around 9%.  It was canned and delicious.  Before you think the golf courses out here are super dope and stocked with microbrews, they're not.  We brought our own beer.  In the hierarchy of "Sports You Can Drink Beer While Playing," I'd have to say golf if easily in the top three.  I'm not going to say that drinking a beer made a super golfer.  That's it.  You expected a "I'm not going to say...but..."  But the but just wasn't there.  Don't let it ruin your day.

After golf we went to my grandma's place to have some dinner and watch the Suns game.  There I had an Oak Creek Nut Brown Ale (brewed in Sedona, AZ!), a Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale, and a Deshutes Inversion IPA.  Once again, before you think my grandma's place is stocked with sweet beer, it's not.  We brought our own.  Then we went to my parents' where I had another Deshutes and a Full Sail Pale ale while hanging out with the family.  So that's my Arizona drinking so far.  Not bad if I do say so myself!

Total Beers: 408
Where I Should Be: 397.260


  1. If you have the time, you HAVE to go to papago brewery on scottsdale and McDowell. They have a ton of beers on tap and probably over 100 bottled.

    My favorite place in AZ. You can drink there, get a growler and take home, or make your own 6 pack. Food is solid as well.

  2. I have been to Papago Brewery before and you are right, it is awesome. We actually tried to go there for lunch today, but it was closed, so we went to Four Peaks instead.

  3. but wait, for those beers you had, how many michelob ultra's worth of carbohydrates did they have?

    in PA, i remember getting a lot of "we have everything"...i guess by "everything" they mean "bud miller coors" which is actually one very specific thing that until recently (1950s) didn't exist.

    actually, the worst offenders are always chain restaurants. the last time i got it i was with you at an olive garden, which of course has maybe 6 beers at most.

  4. Greg - I was actually thinking that Ryan was going to say that the waitress said "everything" since I think that happens 50% of the time to me at Applebees (which we go to 100% of the time when visiting my parents). Chains are the worst.

    What if next year Ryan drinks beers again but rather than counting bottles/pints, be counts carbs or calories? that'd be fun, right??

  5. Also, here's a topic to explore: It seems ok to bring your own beers to people's house but wouldn't you find it odd if people arrived with their own lemonade or koolaid? Why is beer less rude than a diet coke? or is it...