Thursday, March 11, 2010


Updating under the wire here. Last night I drank 2 Brooklyn Monster Ales (brooklyln's barleywine). I have more to say about these beers, but that will come tomorrow. I just didn't want to skip a day.

(Here's my wife making fun of me while I type about this: "I'm a T-Rex and I got tiny arms and I got something to say on the internet!")

Total Beers: Some number
Where I Should Be: Some number less than that


  1. I really think you should let Liz do a post. A "what the wife thinks" perspective.

  2. I agree! That or I will soon start a rival blog called "My Husband is drinking 1000 beers this year and I have to live with it...I mean him. Zing!". I think it's catchy.