Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Keeping Pace With Ever Changing Technology!

Three quick points.
1) Last night I drank a 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon and a Yuengling Bock on the couch. The bad news is that I like both of those less and less the more that I drink them. This isn't to disparage either of those breweries, as I think think they are both are class acts. I just think they both missed the mark with these two. But don't worry, I have three more of each left, so my opinion is liable to change, lest I be dogmatic!
2) My 1000 Beer Year is now on Twitter! @1000BeerYear So, as I say in my eloquent first tweet, if you're too lazy to RSS this or check on Facebook now and then for the updates, Twitter is now a viable way for you to stay informed. So, check it out maybe?
3) This third point is the result of my wife asking, "You think Yuengling is a class act?" I do. Their lager is perfectly drinkable. I enjoy their Black & Tan and their Porter is down right good. Sure, they're never going to top my list of anything (except maybe "Best Beer Storage Cave," which is awesome), but I feel like they're the little brewery that could. They have an almost nation wide presence stemming from what is almost a mom and pop operation and they achieved this almost "macro" status without making their beers from adjuncts. Furthermore, while they do make pretty awful beers (Premium or Light, anyone?), their flagship Lager is at least 1000 times better than any of the major beers put out by the true macros. So there you have it. You'll never hear a disparaging word about Yuengling from this guy. I just don't like their Bock is all.

Total Beers: 209
Where I Should Be: 186.301

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