Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trifecta of Posts, Wherein the Wife Speaks!

Hey everybody. I had zero beers on Monday (not in accordance with my "drink a lot of beer before Korea" plan, but that's the way the cookie crumbles). Today's post will be three posts in one, or something of that nature.

First post) Liz's post! So after my gentle (I first typed "gentile," and I suppose that would also be correct) prodding, the wife finished her introductory post here! So without further ado, here's Liz:

"People have asked me how Ryan's beer-drinking project has been affecting my life, so I figured I'd post a note coming from my point of view.

It's been interesting living with Ryan during this thousand beer process. Nope, that's a lie. Things have not changed much since January first. I suppose Ryan drinks more beers, but I don't think he drinks too much more alcohol, though. In November, Ryan would end the night with an Old Fashioned on the couch while watching The Daily Show. Now, In March, Ryan ends his night with a a Brooklyn Dark Matter beer.

Yup. Big change. For me personally, I guess that I now drink more than before, actually. I am not a liquor fan, so Ryan's nightly cocktails did not tempt me to join him. I do, however, love beer. With more of it in the house, and a husband drinking it regularly, I find myself joining in quite often.

Overall, I think this is kind of cool. If for no reason other than he'll be able to look back and remember both the beers he's had and the good times had while consuming those beers. I kept a book of beer labels of our Russell's 100 Beer Club beers so that I wouldn't forget what beers I had. This is 10 times more beer in the same amount of time -- at least this blog will preserve what transpired during 2010."

Wasn't that great! I assume we'll see her back here in the future with more wonderful insights and observations into living with the unreplaceable me!

Second Post) My reaction to Liz's post. My first thought is that Liz co-opted my joke making style. My second thought is that she makes it sound like I am more of a drunk than I think I am. To be clear, this isn't a one to one replacement of cocktails to beer. Where as I might have had one cocktail while watching TV, I am now replacing that with three beers. I just didn't want you all thinking I was drinking three Manhattans a night before.

My final thought about her post is that reveals the person with the real drinking problem in our apartment: Liz. By her own admission, and I believe I am reading this correctly, she can't watch anyone drink a beer at any time without needing to drink one herself. That's just sad, Liz.

Third Post) My drinking last night.
Last night I think I made a poor beer order choice. Our beer supplies are getting pretty limited in the apartment now, so last night I knew I would be drinking a Yeungling Bock, a Speakeasy Prohibition Ale, and a Brooklyn Monster Ale, but I didn't know in what order. Well, when I got from a long day at around 9:30, I had some Mexican food for dinner. Now I'm not a big pairing beer with food kind of guy, primarily because my palate just isn't that sophisticated when it comes to food, but I knew that drinking the Brooklyn Monster Ale, a barleywine, with a dinner of tacos and quesadillas would be a bad idea. So I opted to have the Speakeasy, a pale ale, with dinner. This was fine, I guess, but the Speakeasy is pretty hoppy pale ale, and that with the Mexican food was a bit off putting. To follow that up I had the Yeungling, because I didn't want to jump right into a barleywine, but this meant that I was drinking the Brooklyn Monster Ale, my favorite beer out of the bunch, at 11:30 while half asleep. In retrospect, I should have gone Yeungling, Brooklyn, Speakeasy, but hindsight being 20/20 and all...

Anyways, sorry that my three posts got progressively less and less interesting. Apparently I'm having all types of order issues these days! Oh well!

Total Beers: 243
Where I Should Be: 224.657

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