Monday, March 8, 2010

Littering aaaand?

Look, I know I said I was taking yesterday off, but if it's sunny and not too cold or not too hot, my natural inclination will be to find a way to get outside and drink a beer. So was the case yesterday. It's been a pretty miserable winter. Two snowpocalypes, extended periods of cold and wind, and just a general weather malaise. So it was to my delight yesterday that the sun shone down on my humble borough and the temperature was a moderate 50 degrees. Adding to the perfect storm of beer drinking circumstances, Liz and I had some coupons for free beers at bars around our neighborhood. Sun? Check. Moderate temperature? Check. Free beer? Check. No work that needed to be done on Sunday? Well, nothing that couldn't wait until Monday. At 2, we worked our way down to Union Hall where I had a Kelso Nut Brown Ale. Afterwards we went to Pacific Standard where I had a Weyerbacher Hops Infusion on cask and a Chelsea Winter Wheat Wine, which is a wheat beer made in a barely wine style. We then went home around 6 and I had a Famosa on the couch while doing work/watching Super Troopers.

I'm really short changing some phenomenal bars and beers by not going into detail about the above bars/beers but 1) I'm sure I'll be back to those bars and have those beers again, and 2) I'd like to take this time to make one more point in regards to the myth of the beer gut before I leave the topic well enough alone. When I drink outside of my apartment, more often than not, I drink in my neighborhood or the surrounding neighborhoods. Meaning, when I go to the bars, I walk. This goes to the whole living in NYC thing, but I just thought I'd take my bar crawl yesterday as an example. In my 2 bar bar-crawl, I walked a total of 3.2 miles, burning about 400 calories. That's almost my entire intake of beer related calories burned off in just walking to the bars. Now, the bars I went to yesterday were in an adjoining neighborhood, and I don't mean to suggest I walk that distance every time I go to the bars, but it's not uncommon either. So there we go. More conclusive proof that beer will not make me fat. Ever.

Total Beers: 206
Where I Should Be: 180.821

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