Friday, March 26, 2010

Darling Don't You Go And Cut Your Hair

Well gang, radio silence for a week here. As you may now, I am off to Tongyeong, South Korea later today. While there I will be keeping track of beers drank the old fashion way, with a pen and paper. Might I suggest using this week to go back and read all your favorite entries again? Remember that time I drank that one beer? That was great. What about when I was trying to decide what my 100th beer would be? Classic! Or remember that time when I got stuck in an airport on Christmas Eve, and had to spend the holiday with strangers, but in the process learned a lesson about the true meaning of the holidays? Priceless. So go. Catch-up. Reacquaint yourself with some long forgotten posts here. I'll be back next Saturday, updating on Sunday.

As for yesterday, three beers! After what turned out to be my last class before the trip, I went to City Tavern with some friends where I had a Brooklyn Pilsner and a Guiness (also this might be the first time a Guiness has made an appearance here, but someone check that out for me). At home I had a Monk's Blood while packing/watching tv. See you all in a week!

Total Beers: 246
Where I Should Be: 230.136

On a final note, I'm not as ahead as I wanted to be, but we shall see. You'll all wait in anticipation to find out if I stay above the line or fall below. That's a good cliff hanger to leave you on for a week!

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